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Three Art Exhibitions in London to visit this Autumn

Photo by Steve Daniels on Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Staff writer Mina Yasar tells us about three must-see art exhibitions that you can visit this Autumn. 

As is always the case, there are a lot of art exhibitions and fairs to visit in London right now. With so many events happening simultaneously, it can be hard to choose which ones to go to. To help you find the best exhibitions in London, here are some suggestions for events that you should visit now.

“William Kentridge Exhibition” at the Royal Academy of Arts

You will have the chance to visit the “William Kentridge Exhibition” between 24 September and 11 December at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about Kentridge, as the exhibition includes works from many years throughout his life, some of which date back to the 1980s while others were finished mere days before the exhibition. Here, you will also see works from Kentridge that have never been exhibited before.

There will also be events related to this exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. If you are interested in making art yourself,  you could attend the “Drawing workshop: Storytelling and mythmaking” on 29 or 30 October. It is possible to book a ticket for this event on the RA’s website, which will also include a visit to the Kentridge exhibition.

“Frieze Sculpture” at Regent’s Park

“Frieze Sculpture 2022” is an open-air exhibition in Regent’s Park which you can visit from 14 September to 13 November. Some artists exhibited in this exhibition include Ro Robertson, Ugo Rondinone, Robert Indiana, Alicja Kwade, and Tim Etchells. Going should be a lovely experience in which you walk around Regent’s Park and see the exhibition’s beautiful sculptures. As it is an open-air exhibition in London, of all places, don’t forget to take an umbrella with you.

“Helen Saunders: Modernist Rebel” exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery

Being an art museum in Somerset House, the Courtauld Gallery is extremely close to King’s College London’s Strand Campus, and it almost always has new exhibitions for you to visit. Also, their permanent collection has masterpieces from different periods including works from painters like Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, and Gauguin. You can visit their permanent collection on a virtual tour, although I’d recommend seeing it in person.

Alongside its permanent collection, there is now an exhibition called “Helen Saunders: Modernist Rebel” located in its Gilbert and Ildiko Butler Drawings Gallery. Visitors can see the exhibition from 14 October 2022 to 29 January 2023. Helen Saunders was an abstract artist who lived between 1885 and 1963. She was one of the very few women who were part of Vorticism, a London-based art movement. You could buy the exhibition catalogue and see some of Saunders’ works on Courtauld’s website but, again, if you have time, I would recommend going directly to The Courtauld Gallery, one of the best places to visit near Strand campus.

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