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Roar is King’s College London’s official student newspaper. Founded in 1973, we’ve been undeniably, unavoidably relevant for nearly fifty years. 

We’ve exited in various incarnations with our design and style evolving over the decades. Until the ’90s, we were knowns as Casey L. In 2006, we even briefly existed as a snazzy magazine.

However, despite all of our various moods and phases, we’ve consistently been the characteristic tabloid of choice for King’s students. Since the beginning, we’ve report on the issues that directly affect our readers and done so independent of the college and KCLSU.

Our content is by students, for students. Our editorial team and writers are motivated solely by their passion for professional-quality journalism and search for the truth. This is who we are and it’s who we’ll always be.



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We’ve successfully held the college to account time and time again. Campaigning against cuts to jobs to vanity projects. Raising awareness about the unliveable wages being paid to cleaners. Promoting mental health awareness amongst students and staff.

More recently, we’ve worked tirelessly to inform students even during tumultuous times.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, we questioned King’s continued use of online teaching even as the government advised universities to return to normal. When lecturers voted to go on strike, we made sure to get both sides of the story to foster a better understanding.

We also give students a voice. We hope you share this enthusiasm as a reader or take action by joining our team.



We’ve picked up some recognition for our work along the way. In fact, Roar is a multi-award winning student newspaper. 

In 2015, we won Best Publication at the Student Publication Awards (SPA) as well as commendation for our website and print design. The Guardian also shortlisted us for Best Publication. What’s the latest? Well, in 2021 and 2022 we were Highly Commended for Best Publication and you can bet we’ll be going for the top spot in 2023.

Our social media pages now have a collective 10,000 followers. In the month of June 2020, our website received 30,000 views (yeah, during summer vacation). Our Print editions are free and distributed all across KCL campuses and halls.

That’s why we’ve always been the publication of choice for King’s students and staff alike. And that’s what we’ll continue to be…