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Meet the Team 2023/24

Fintan Hogan – Editor in Chief
Ishaan Rahman – Deputy Editor in Chief
Kiren Graziano – Deputy Editor in Chief

News Editors

Imogen Dixon
Daisy Eastlake
Ansel Bayly

Comment Editors

Conor Walsh
Matteo Cardarelli
Ben Evans

Features Editor

Fred Taylor

Culture Editors

Nia Simeonova
Carolina Vlachakou

Sports Editor

Ed Ducker

Print Team

Annah Malik – Lead

Ying Xi Claire Tai

Isabelle Kok

Jessica Berry

Media Editors

Hei Cheung
Elizabeth Grace

Production Team

Cameron Chang – Podcast Editor
Emma Carmichael – Photography Lead
Karis Ng – Video Editor
Jizelle Pintah – Video Editor

Website & Social Media

Angeline Wang – Website Lead
Saskia Mohan – Social Media Lead



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