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Beauty note: plum lips

What colour should you be wearing on your lips this wintry season? Bold, fruity vampire is the answer.

Marilyn Monroe famously said “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” Indeed, a lipstick is a beauty staple; a go-to product; a girl’s best friend. Your make-up would not be complete without the perfect pout, right? It is the ultimate accessory.

Most will automatically pick up their red sticks for this Autumn/ Winter 2013/14 season’s bold lip colour. However, if you want to be bang on trend, then put that classic shade down, ladies. Now. The catwalks showed three different bold lips. From fuchsia florals at Dior, natural nudes at Burberry to dark, berry tones at Jonathan Saunders, there was plenty to get your teeth (or should I say lips) sunk into.

The most exciting was the vampy, deep plum shade, as seen at Prada, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton. This colour offers punch, attitude and experiment. As they say, she who dares, wins.

Got the top budget? Estee Lauder Pure Colour Sensuous Rouge in ‘Enticing Fuchsia’ at £21 will provide you with vampy sophistication.

However, if your student purses will not stretch that far then read on. Topshop Beguiled is a plum, burgundy shade of red with a matte finish. At £8 this is a definite must have. Barry M Lip Paint in number 156 is also a perfect, intense plum shade and a steal at only £4.49.

Advice for application? Go easy with the eye make-up to allow your lips to take centre stage this season!



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