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For the love of Longchamps!

Those bags are everywhere. You know the ones – tote-like shape, plain block colour, tan-brown leather handles, easy-clean material. Yes, I’m talking about the Longchamps ‘Le Pliage’ bags. The name may not be familiar to you (I didn’t know what they were called for an embarrassingly long time), but the bags certainly are.

Step on to the King’s campus and you’re sure to see several incarnations of this trusty favourite. Popular colours are subdued navy or black, closely followed by deep red or brown. More outré students go for outlandish colours like cherry pink or bright yellow. Slung over shoulders and packed to the brim with books.

Not only a college trend, you’ll see them all around central London; at the supermarket, packed with a purse and bottle of milk; on the tube, tucked under one arm – you just can’t avoid the Longchamps bag.

Why is the ultra-simple bag so universally popular? The answer must lie in its very simplicity. Plain and unfussy, it matches everything in your wardrobe, while still acting as a statement colour-block piece. It’s the epitome of French style – useful and smart, exuding polished chic and outfit co-ordination.

Style alongside other essentials for winter on campus – warm leather boots, a stand-out oversize scarf and the obligatory cup of coffee. Who said anything about a fashion uniform?

By  Aoife Dowling



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