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Attempts On Her Life: Review

Kings players remake of Martin Crimp’s 1997 play Attempts On Her Life, was both brilliantly dramatic and incredibly moving. The play consists of unusual ideas of character and identity and at times can extremely hard to follow, however this is one of the qualities of the play that makes it so unique and interesting. With a small cast of just 13, each character told a different story through lengthy and passionate monologues and preppy group scenarios. They instantly had the audience engaged, from the first scene of voicemails to the closing scenes of investigations and lunch room gossiping.

In a play with no real plot in the traditional sense, it can be difficult to translate messages to the audience. The mysterious character, or lack of character, known as Ann or Annie, creates a sense of confusion to the audience and ensures that they leave trying to unravel the enigma of this person. The entire play is based on this character who is purposefully impossible to define. Is she a machine? Is she the newest model of Italian car? Is she figment of our imagination?

The Kings Players put on a highly professional show with great sounds, lighting and wardrobe. Each cast member fulfilled their role perfectly with each adding important elements to the production as a whole. The play subtly refers to important topics throughout, such as racism, terrorism and class. The opening scene of the both gentle and aggressive voicemails being sent to Annie had audience members instantly wanting more. Throughout the play, each cast member revealed something new about Annie and created a new identity for her. I would like to give a special mention to Anna Brown and Eleanor Greene who jointly put on a humorous presentation about young love and the romance of different European cities was an extremely well-rehearsed piece in which they worked brilliantly together.

Each time I watch a production put on by the Kings Players I leave impressed by the evidence of their hard work and time put into rehearsing. They continue to create entertaining and engaging shows in which take the audience on a different journey each time.



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