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The Happy Newspaper is a platform in which good news is shared. It was launched in December 2015 by Emily Coxhead, a designer, illustrator and writer. She created such a platform with the hope of putting a smile on people’s faces and brightening up their day with a bundle of news articles about all of the wonderful things going on globally. It is a monthly newspaper which is packed full of positive stories from all around the world with an entire section solely dedicated to our everyday heroes, this enables readers to nominate a person, group or charity to gain a feature in the paper praising them for their hard work. The idea came to Emily when she found a gap for good news rather than bad news. It is easy to feel down after reading news articles which tell us about the disasters and epidemics that are so rife the media.

With today’s realm of news and media, it can be easy to get into a slump. We feel as though we are constantly being launched at with bad news and horror stories, so much so that it begins to have a negative impact on our mentality. Watching the evening news each day can become routine for many but doesn’t always have the desired result. A newspaper such as the Happy Newspaper balances this out and provides the facts about the great things that are happening at the same. Although I agree with the importance of news forums telling us what is going on in the world, I believed it to be important to counteract this with something light and upbeat. Rather than the drabness of traditional newspapers, Coxhead vamps hers up with vibrant colours and illustrations to make her readers feel cheerful.

Emily Coxhead doesn’t stop at happy news; she keeps herself busy by designing a range of greeting cards which are stocked online and in huge retailers such as paperchase and These all consist of bright illustrations with light-hearted humour in order to make a loved one smile. She is adamant that people need to be reminded of the good things in life and strongly believes that we can be pleasantly surprised if only we open ourselves up to the wonderful people and their actions.

I would recommend the happy newspaper for anyone who feels like they need a pick me up. The paper is designed in such a bright and colourful way that it leaves it impossible for you to come away feeling blue. It is evident that Coxhead takes great time and energy into getting her paper to be perfect and ensure that her readers have the best experience possible. If you feel like this is something that could benefit you then you can easily subscribe by going to the Happy Newspaper website and choosing whichever package suits you best. A 3-month subscription is £3.99 or for an even better deal you can purchase a bundle of ‘wonky papers’ for just £7.50, this contains a pack of papers just slightly smudged or bent which would read just as good. Alternatively, if you think that a friend would enjoy reading through the happy news of the world you can also purchase a gift subscription which would make the perfect gift to put a smile on someone’s face. The Happy Newspaper aims to make their readers smile and forget about the blues in life and focus on the good.



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