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Monsters University freshers’ guide

Aysha Harwood takes us through how the Monsters University film can help you survive freshers’ week and your first year at KCL!


Monsters University may not be the best film Pixar has thrown at us recently; let’s be honest, it was no Toy Story 3. But as well as the happy nostalgia brought about by seeing Mike and Sully back on our screens, there are some handy tips that freshers can take note of…

Our beloved Mike Wazowski arrives at MU laden with suitcases and is greeted by a team of over-enthusiastic student ambassadors, an experience shared by many of us when moving into halls. The trick is to be nice to these guys, you will probably encounter some of them again at awkward flat meetings in your kitchen. Moreover, they are the ones who come knocking when you and your hoards of new friends are making “too much noise”, so it’s best to be on friendly terms!

Another tip that can be taken from these enthusiastic student types is throwing yourself into as many clubs as possible – you will have more friendship circles and your university experience will be much more varied. Definitely try to join a sports team, be it something you are passionate about or something you have never done before. Every Wednesday night is sports night and, trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the party.

Mike is also treated to a spectacularly awful photograph on his student card, something many KCL students can relate to. Unfortunately, that picture of you looking haggard after travelling for however many hours, from whatever inconveniently far away place you live, will be sticking with you throughout your time at King’s. Sorry about that!

To avoid further snaps of you not looking your best, make coffee shops your third home. You may have noticed the monster wandering through campus with three cups of coffee in the film; this might seem somewhat melodramatic, but when you’re beyond hanging the morning after a wild night in London Town, and have a lecture at 9 am, three cups of coffee is the only way forward. You may even need a fourth to sustain yourself during the lecture.

Another thing to note is Mike’s supposedly ‘best friend’ Randall. We know from Monsters Inc that these two are most certainly not pals, and this illustrates all too well that the ‘friends for life’ you think you’ve made in freshers’ week may not be your friends by the end of the year. Meanwhile, someone like Sully, who you don’t actually like, might end up having more in common with you than you think – be open-minded!

As for scary initiations into secret societies by candlelight, KCL’s secret society is not so secret any more, after an exposé by Roar! last year. But who knows, there could be more of these lurking in the shadows of the campus – keep your eyes peeled.

Hopefully freshers’ week won’t be a scarefest, do try not to follow Mike and Sully’s example and get thrown out, we promise it’s nice here! And as for Mike’s comment that “nobody reads the school paper” – they do. You’re reading it now!



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