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KCL Fusion take on Competition Season 

Staff Writer, Daisy Redhead, provides an insight into how the KCL Dance Society performed across the competition season.

The KCL Dance Society has once again marked an unforgettable season of dance that highlighted the dedication and talent of their competition team, Fusion. With a team of 68 members spanning 7 teams, the society’s remarkable journey through various competitions showcased inclusivity and skill.

When I sat down with Emily Bull, President, she reflected on her competitive journey from a young age to alongside her academic pursuits at KCL highlighting how amazing an experience it was to share with such a lovely group of people. Emily pointed to her favourite moment of the season being awarded Most Versatile University at UCL, as it speaks for the hard work put in by each member. Liv Temple, Vice-President and Sheffield fanatic, said that being presented with Highest Scoring University in her home city was her highlight, particularly so, as it was one of the first journeys made up North by the Fusion team. 

Both Liv and Emily, commended Macy Ho, choreographer and dancer, for competing in FOUR different teams and always looking to improve the team. Also praised was the talented Bianca Lim for being a joy to have in rehearsal, as she continually committed to improving.

The competition season was nothing short of amazing for Fusion, starting with their winning streak at the KCL-hosted competition. Victories in Intermediate Jazz, Advanced Jazz, and Advanced Tap, complemented by second and third-place finishes in Advanced Ballet and among categories, setting a high bar. The team’s ability to excel in both classical and contemporary dance forms shone through and was reflected in their success. 

But it didn’t stop there! At the UCL competition, the society continued its winning streak with first-place finishes in Advanced Tap, Advanced Jazz, and Intermediate Contemporary, further embellished by second and third-place standings that showcased their consistency and breadth of talent. These performances highlighted the technical skills of the dancers and also earned them the title of University with the Best Chant — you really have to hear it.

Queen Mary’s competition saw Fusion securing notable placements, with individual talents also coming through, as seen with the award for Best Potential given to Simi. However, it was at Sheffield where KCL Dance Society stood out with their first-place wins with Advanced Tap, Commercial, Intermediate Contemporary, and Improvisation — alongside second-places in three other categories. Advanced Tap and Commercial teams were celebrated again for the Best Concept and Highest Overall Group Score, respectively.

As this season concludes, the society is poised to take on more competitions and opportunities, aiming to uphold the success achieved this year. Emily and Liv wanted to a sad farewell to the society, wishing every member success in the future as they cherish what great memories they made along the way. 

Get your tickets now for their end-of-year show, Eras, on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of March at the Greenwood Theatre!


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