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London Varsity Series 2020: WATER POLO

Men’s Water Polo

The men’s water polo team emerged victorious on a night that could have gone very badly for them. A strong start saw KCL lead 2-0, but UCL quickly turned it around to make it 2-4. The team looked shellshocked going in at half time and hopes were low. However, an inspired third and fourth quarter saw King’s not just win but completely dominate UCL, much to the delight of the very vocal KCL fans. When the final whistle blew the score was 10-6 for the Strand boys and nobody could argue that the score was undeserved. A defensive masterclass as well as free flowing, fast, attacking plays meant that the Gower Street outlet stood no chance. A day that started out badly now gave Kings hope of ending the day in ahead of the scum.

Women’s Water Polo

It is my expert opinion that, in fact, the referee was a wanker. The Kings audience appeared to agree, courtesy of the repeated cries of ‘What the fuck?!’. While the men’s game had some unpopular decisions, the women’s game took the cake as the KCL women were borderline assaulted and drowned. The ladies were on the back foot from the beginning of the match as UCL scored two early goals. King’s chased the game and despite levelling the game at 5-apiece in the third quarter, it was not to be. The desire to win was clearly there but the team was not helped by the aforementioned referee. The final score of UCL 9-7 KCL had certain fans fuming, not least my editor who I spotted violently attacking a helpless bin. That being said, the success of the men’s water polo team left the day far from unsalvageable.



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