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London Varsity Series 2020: ULTIMATE FRISBEE

Sadly frisbee did not go the way of KCL as the game ended 8-6 in favour of UCL. The conditions were very poor as the wind and the surface took teir toll on the game. The game started out badly for Kings as they went 4-1 down. However, UCL kept wasting their chances and they were almost made to rue those mistakes as Kings turned a 7-4 score into a 7-6 thanks to an incredible shift from the team with a special emphasis on captain brenda and #41 Bernie. Sadly the soft cap had already been called meaning UCL needed only one point to win which they did. On a side note the event deserved a lot more of an audience than the 20 or so people who turned up. A truly fun event full of passion and excitment took place. Furthermore it was great to see the wholesomeness and good spirits of both sides. The players refereed themselves, music was played and banter was had. I would certainly advise people to attend this event next year as it was a great day out.



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