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Crafting Hype: A Review of the ‘Drop School’ Podcast

Staff writer Vidushi Sahni reviews the influential Drop School podcast for fashion entrepreneurs.

In a world where hype has become everything, it has become necessary to understand what it takes to generate this high level of desirability. Long gone are the days when simply being famous got you hype. Now, hype must be created; it must be achieved.

But what steps do you take to create hype, if that’s even possible in the first place? WePresent’s latest podcast, Drop School, introduces us to not only the recipe for creating hype but also how to successfully start and maintain your own brand. Drop School follows an emerging fashion designer, Jordy, who is preparing to launch his first-ever product: a pair of military-inspired trousers with a flared silhouette. To help him navigate his journey in the fashion world, WePresent sends him to Drop School where he learns all the skills that he needs to pull off the ultimate drop event.

As we follow Jordy through his journey, we get an all-filters-removed look at the reality of owning your own business in 2023. Jordy’s interactions with stylists, brand managers and factory managers play a monumental role in his growth as a fashion designer. With them setting challenges and teaching him about resilience and perseverance, we see Jordy’s emergence as a successful entrepreneur. Each episode of the podcast is focused on a different aspect of starting a business, such as brand name and product production, led by an expert in the field. What I admire about this podcast is the educational format which provides a platform to learn as experts sharing brutal truths, personal experiences and advice for the industry. 

These are the two episodes that I would highly recommend:

Episode 1: “If you’re young and black they call it streetwear.” Mastering the brand name and logo.

The first episode is probably one of the best and it essentially sets up the entire series. Jordy meets his mentor, Alizé Demange, who talks about the importance of brand authenticity and the role that such an image plays in building hype and identifying with a business. But what makes this episode stand out is Alizé boldly confronting stereotypes about race being associated with certain fashion trends.

Her advice to Jordy about choosing trends and styles that feel true to him comes across as refreshing and builds to a greater point about what being authentic really means. Additionally, the episode’s focus on what it takes to be timeless in an ever-changing industry feels impactful and offers real advice on the work it takes. 

Episode 5: “You are your best billboard.” Pull off a marketing stunt.

With an expert who knows all about creating hype in 2023, Jordy learns about the importance of marketing stunts in creating hype. The episode begins with a focus on case studies where stunts determined the outlook of a brand. This episode’s experts focus on the reality of the industry, including what it means to have friends within the industry, how engagement impacts a brand’s value and what it really means to fail. With their experiences and stories of bumps across the road, it cannot be denied that the episode evokes strong emotions about learning and growing.

Drop School’s business-centric approach makes the podcast a valuable resource for upcoming entrepreneurs. Recent data by Future Founders shows that 85% of people between the ages 18-25 in the UK either want to start their own business or are considering doing it. Out of that, 70% expressed that they do not know where to start. Educational podcasts like Drop School have become an essential tool here to bridge the gap between academia and industry. With academic classes focusing more on textbooks, and films perpetuating unrealistic expectations, we need more podcasts like Drop School that cover it all and act like a guide for students to learn how to establish themselves.

The show focuses each episode on specific skills that you need to develop in order to start a brand. Masterclasses focus on learning how to design a great logo, managing global manufacturing and producing a campaign video, among others. These masterclasses make it convenient for any listener to understand the hard work, perseverance and knowledge that is required to survive in the fashion industry. Additionally, following Jordy in his journey helps people across their career paths to not only understand the skills one needs to learn but also how friendships, hierarchies and the current social world work.

This podcast helps its listeners face the harsh reality of how talent can only take you so far in the fashion or business world. It takes more than an idea; it’s about creating a follower base and building hype around yourself. The good news is, as Drop School shows, it’s possible to do that by being authentic to your brand and setting yourself apart from others. Especially in the creative world, hype plays a crucial role in creating your own space and gaining credibility in a world that would be difficult to get into. Drop School’s attempt at capturing the good and the bad gives a realistic insight into the business and fashion world of 2023. As Jordy struggles with challenges set for him, his mistakes and meltdowns offer a fresh portrayal to counter the views that have glamorised this world.

Drop School’s exploration of starting your own business, the fashion industry and what it takes to build hype does a brilliant job of appealing to Gen Z. It comes across as a powerful, educational podcast that’s rooted in both academic knowledge and industry experience. But if you’re not a podcast person then there is also a TikTok series on the same at WePresent’s channel.


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