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A year with the KCL Regents

cc: Deidre Poole

Having played regular football for over ten years, where I made many good mates as well as winning trophies, I came to uni wanting to try something different. Having watched American Football for a number of years already, I was prompted to join King’s own American Football team – where I found out  just how much there is to know and understand in order to play this sport.

At Fresher’s Fair, the first thing to do on my list was to find the American Football stand and put down my name for more information about how they run at the uni. I was greeted by the President, who explained the Regents’ league to me, their schedule for games and practice, as well as how the team would often have gameplay viewing sessions to analyse previous performances and footage from upcoming opposition. I signed up and got to training.

Practice consisted mostly of drills such as blocking, tackling, throwing and catching, as well as run-through plays that we would likely call against other teams. Throughout each practice and game, nowhere did I see any negativity towards what points I was weaker at, only encouragement to keep coming to practice and become a regular on the team. Game days were a whole other experience, especially in the changing rooms before the match, as music would be blasting, getting us in the mood to go out and fight for a win on the pitch. The immense hype was glorious, and despite not winning the league when we were so close to doing so, this team never gave up and kept their head high, which is wonderfully remarkable. This warm welcome from the team, thorough guidance at practice and immense inclusion are omnipresent in the Regents, which proved to me that I had made the right decision in starting American Football here at King’s, as well as also showing prospect in making good friends.

Being a Regent doesn’t solely consist of being present on the field at practice or at the games, or even at our classroom viewing sessions, but as well off the pitch at regular socials at any of the Vault, Guy’s Bar or Dover Castle. The American Football committee organises many enjoyable socials, sometimes following a theme which would then involve the team having to dress up in a particular fashion. These events, alongside general outings to the pub, were where you get to know the players better, made me really feel more and more included in the group each time I joined them out.

I am now proud to say that I am a Regent and I often encourage others to join the sport and the team because of the immense guidance you receive on the pitch and the huge inclusion you feel off of it.



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