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Editors’ Picks – Selected Podcasts

Rebekah – Editor-in-Chief

I discovered ‘Pod Save America’ whilst poolside this summer, and it was a perfect, engaging and informative way to spend some time. Now, I listen to it on my many journeys in and around London. I was first drawn to the podcast due to my interest in US politics, but it’s heart-warming to know so many people share the same absolute contempt for the current POTUS and the political system as a whole, as I do. Getting the latest information from the people who know it best – the podcast is presented by Obama’s ex-speech writers and campaigners - this podcast is a handy way of keeping up to date with all things political, whilst sharing in a collective sigh of disapproval that is pretty much inevitable in 2017.

Find out more about ‘Pod Save America’ here.


Shrai- News Editor 

‘2 Dope Queens’ has meant that I have to work pretty hard on not looking like a mad man as I grin on the tube every morning as I listen to Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson talk about pretty much everything: romance, food, pop culture, politics, and race to name a few. They also have a huge roster of diverse guest comics that perform 10 minute sets throughout the podcast, as well as a longer interview with an influential figure. It’s brimming with positivity, free-speech/thought, and hopefulness. To see two young, hugely intelligent, and thoughtful women of colour at the forefront is a huge treat for any listener.

Find out more about ‘2 Dope Queens’ here.


Mathilde – Comment Editor

Unburnable – The People vs. The Arctic Oil is a recently started podcast by Greenpeace. It focuses on the climate change issues of drilling for oil in the Arctic. It’s extremely well done and addresses wider environmental problems through activists’ testimonials. I would definitely recommend it if you want your eyes opened about the true impact of environmental issues and their consequences on individuals today, and in the near future.

Find out more about Unburnable – The People vs. The Arctic Oil here.


Phliippa – Comment Editor

One of my favourite morning pick-me-ups (other than caffeine) is BBC Radio 4’s golden oldie, Desert Island Discs. If you’re not familiar, every morning, different celebrities and public figures choose a range of records or songs they’d like to have with them should they find themselves marooned on a desert island. The show has been on the airwaves since the 1950s, and is a pleasant departure from the inevitable trials of commuting on the tube in London.

Find out more about Desert Island Discs here.


Irina – Deputy Editor

I’ve been always been a Rookie: at 12 I started reading Tavi Gevinson’s (now defunct) blog and then followed her to Rookie, an online magazine/community for teenagers and all other categories of people feeling “in-between”. This August I found myself with a daily 40 minutes walk, no space on my phone for more than 2 songs, and lots of regrets for dropping my iPod down the elevator shaft. The Rookie podcast was my salvation: I was now walking alongside Tavi and other Rookie editors as they were talking with “people we admire”, from Lorde to Winona Ryder, Roxanne Gay, and George Saunders, about their work, creativity, life skills and advice, putting yourself out there, current issues and much more. Listening to this podcast is an experience in itself: you’ll find yourself skipping steps in excitement or laughing while waiting for the Green Light (one episode actually features Lorde’s demo for the eponymous song), you’ll smile at the warm advice and you’ll feel embraced by the surprising words of wisdom. And, when your walk ends, I promise you’ll be feeling all the feelings, but, most of all, you’ll feel inspired.

Find out more about the Rookie podcast here.


Will – News Editor

Our Man in the Middle East features the veteran BBC correspondent Jeremy Bowen charting 25 years of Middle Eastern history. Bowen’s skill is in his ability to explain some of the area’s most complex and difficult situations in a way that is balanced and hugely compelling. While my interest in the subject is in no doubt, Bowen’s adroit commentary and sheer journalistic skill is alone worth a listen.

Find out more about Our Man in the Middle East here.

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