Vegan Heaven: King’s Brand New Cafe


Vibrant salads, indulgent treats, or healthy sushi: King’s brand new plant-based cafe has finally opened. Serving everything from on-the-go breakfast pots, smoothies to hot food and sweet treats, King’s new cafe is vegan heaven.

Located on the 8th floor of Bush House, the cafe’s menu changes daily: one hot meal along with a healthier salad bar is available every day for lunch. We had the miso glazed aubergine which was served with a rice noodle stir fry and we have to admit it: the food was pretty good!

Subtle flavours, creative combinations, your tastebuds will be delighted! That being said, we would have liked to see a few more things on the menu for lunch time. Perhaps a burger or a burrito?

The initiative to open a fully plant-based cafe is part of King’s commitment to being more sustainable: A plant-based diet is much less resource-intensive and thus, more sustainable than a typical meat-eater’s diet.

If there is one thing that you really should not miss, it would definitely be the quinoa blueberry-filled croissant. Buttery and flaky, these freshly baked croissants are all you need to start the day on a sweet note. Have it with a cup of cappuccino made with almond milk, and you have the perfect, slightly indulgent, vegan breakfast. Talking about drinks, you can have your coffee with soy, oat, almond or coconut milk for no extra charges. That alone is a reason to come!

One final note is simply that we need a name for this cafe. Right now, it is only known as the 8th floor plant-based cafe, but we can definitely do better! I propose The Busy Bean Cafe or The Little Green. Any suggestions?

Photo credits: Yukti Gopal

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