5 Cheap Coffee Places in London


With the student loan dwindling and submissions looming, there’s only one thing that can get students through this time of year, and that’s coffee.

We can’t all afford that venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte from Starbucks, so where can a penniless student go?

1) Monmouth, London Bridge

Nestled south of the aromatic and not at all overpriced Borough Market, lies Monmouth café.

It’s said that people get wiser with age, and if this adage rings true, then Monmouth is an old pro when it comes to coffee.

With over 35 years of experience poured into each of their velvety lattes priced at just £2.50, you can certainly bet that the frothy foam and the earthy scents are all worth the money.

The food is minimal at the café and all focus is on the coffee. Espressos are a focused £1.50.

2) Wren, Mansion House

Upon entering Wren, you’re met with the grandeur and opulence of its converted church setting.

Thankfully, this apparent richness isn’t reflected in the prices. It’s flawlessly frothy and foamy Espressos and Lattes are so worth £1.60.

It’s a pretty relaxing place, it might just soothe the pain of that 3000 word final essay…

3) Prufrock, Farringdon

Think of the word ‘independent coffee shop’ and your mind goes to #Instacoffee snobs and overpriced brews. Prufrock’s different.

The first bricks-and-mortar coffee shop, the place is decked out with rustic pews and eclectic tables, it’s a spacious but welcoming café.

With its quirky, colourful counter, Prufrock is top of the list of many a coffee fanatics list, where you can pick up an Espresso for £2.20 and a Latte for £2.30.

4) The Espresso Room, Bloomsbury

It doesn’t get anymore indie than The Espresso Room, seriously.

In the snuggly, narrow store, you’re introduced to the meticulous domain of Square Mile espressos and its affable Australian owner, Ben Townsend.

It’s a shoebox of uplifting flavours and Australian accents, with the coffee price list starting at £3.10.

5) Milk Bar, Tottenham Court Road

When scuttling around the street of Tottenham Court Road, you’ll think you’ve stepped right in the middle of a Hairspray number; “Welcome to the 60’s”.

Its retro, American diner-themed aesthetic plays well when you open its doors to find a café that looks like a scene from Grease. Coffee starts at £2.50.

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