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How to Visit Your Offspring at University

Some parents can’t wait for Christmas to bring their family together and surprise their offspring by visiting their student accommodations. A very heartwarming surprise indeed, provided everything goes as planned.

Of course, that hardly ever happens – unless you follow these steps:

  1. Visiting your child’s accommodation may be a very tempting idea, but make sure you can actually enter the building. Most student accommodations require the use of a card, ‘high technology’ which not all parents understand. You can try knocking or smashing the window, but I do not think that would work.
  2. Once you’re in, listening to your guide (your young adult/child) may be a good idea. Most parents are really eager to explore the whole building, but please, let us show you around. It is important that you go to the common room and do not enter someone’s bedroom because “you know the way”.
  3. Something else parents should take into account: typically your child will be leaving in a single room with a small bathroom. Prepare yourself to bump into the walls while taking a shower because this is not a 5-star hotel with a tube. And please do not try to move the shower if it is obvious that it is a non-movable one. After all, most likely you would be the one paying it afterwards.
  4. Most importantly, be aware of any fire drills. Do not panic if you are toasting something, and the alarm suddenly turns on. The toasters are not that strong, and you are not that special!

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