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The KCLSU Awards: A Star-Studded night full of Success

The stage was set, the red carpet was laid and the winners list was ready. It was time to make this academic year go out with a bang at the KCLSU Awards. 

This year’s KCLSU Awards were sure to be a College star-studded event, and with the highest number of award nominations in Student Union history, the competition was fierce. Nonetheless, the evening was a well-deserved opportunity to end the academic year on a high and letting your hair down was certainly the mood of the night.

It all began at 7pm, where the red carpet rolled into De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, the perfect venue which encapsulated the magic of the event. Leading into a striking marble staircase, one could not help but feel like a VIP Guest right from the start. It cannot be disputed that King’s students are utterly unique and absolutely amazing, so a stunning venue would be a match made in heaven. And what a match it was. The atmosphere in the Great Hall was palpable – the imposing chandeliers which hung from an impressively ornate ceiling were only complimented by the stunningly atmospheric turquoise light that bathed the room.

Credit: KCLSU

Outside of the main black-tie venue, there was an opportunity to relax before the awards ceremony, either by fitting in a few snaps at the photo booth, or touching up your glam in the hot seat with the Dior makeup counter, all whilst sipping glasses of champagne or sweet fizzy beverages.

It must be said that the photo booth was one of the greatest (and funniest!) highlights of the evening. With a camera crew that arranged groups in a variety of interesting ways, everyone gained the chance to strike a pose before heading in to the main event.

Credit: KCLSU

Attendees were really dressed for the occasion, and the night provided the perfect opportunity to get suited and booted, slip on a dress and heels, or wear your best ensemble to celebrate a show-stopping year.

Of course we’re at King’s, so our Kings and Queens deserve their crowns. And they came in plentiful supply throughout the night.

Silver Crown winner Aaron Casanova spoke to Roar saying, “It’s a total surprise. It’s something I didn’t even expect when I walked through the door. It just feels good to be respected for all your hard work.”

The glitz and glamour of the event was equally matched by amazing displays of talent and dedication amongst the King’s staff and student body.

With performances that wowed the audience, and the fantastic presenting skills of the VP’s, KCLSU went all out to ensure their guests had a night to remember.

Scooping up the coveted club of the year was KCL Women’s Rugby, a society Roar chatted to earlier in the year, in their preparation for Varsity. It was great to see their commitment and enthusiasm recognised.

Momin Saqib, President of the Union, spoke to Roar: “The Awards Ceremony is by far the most inspirational event that we hold and organise at KCLSU, it celebrates the achievement of our members, our leaders and our volunteers. This year proved to be another successful year, with one of the largest attendance recorded as well as the number of nomination received. It was really inspirational to see how our students have worked to improve the experience of our students, interacted with our local community and the work they have done to change the world for a better place. I was truly humbled to have co-hosted the event with the other officers and on behalf of the Union’s officer team, I would like to thank all those who have attended and our staff who have worked hard to facilitate the event. Our students and staff are Amazing and true change makers. It was a special day for me as I was honoured to receive the Honorary Life membership Award myself.”

Credit: KCLSU

There were so many societies and individuals who picked up awards, crowns and colours, each with their own story, demonstrating their passion and assiduity that was so richly rewarded.

Yet while a glamorous awards ceremony may have been a very fitting end to what has been a fantastic year of progress for so many societies at King’s, being in a room with so many people who have done so much great work for the Student Union was what we at Roar appreciated more than anything else. In the end it is always wonderful to receive awards and gain recognition, but what is far more inspiring is the people themselves. Being amongst so many who have worked hard and contributed so much to what they care about was the absolute highlight, and should inspire so many others to do the same. The work we do and which so many other volunteers for the Student Union do is ultimately the most important thing, and above the glitz and glamour of an awards ceremony, that is what matters most.


All Photos Credited: KCLSU

To see more snaps from the night, click here



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