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Muay Thai Match sees intense battle for Varsity Title

The Muay Thai Varsity Match saw five fearless fighters from KCL battle head to head with long-time rivals UCL for the first time since 2014.

Muay Thai is an intense combat sport, originating in Thailand, which bestows upon fighters an ‘eight-limb’ arsenal due to the deadly combination of fists, elbows, knees and shins. Commonly referred to as ‘the art of eight limbs’, Muay Thai fighters can be likened to artists, painting portraits of strength and agility.

Dedication and determination was etched on the faces of fighters from both teams and is a testament to the expressive character of the sport.

Coached by the super heavyweight world champion Muay Thai fighter and trainer, Daniel “The Warrior” Sam, the KCL team underwent intensive and vigorous training and diet months prior in preparation.


The intense atmosphere could be felt by all as fighters wrapped their hands in preparation for the fight.

The first match saw KCL’s Eleanor “The Mighty Midget” Lansner face “Trouble” aka UCL’s, Maxie Chopard. Numerous punches were exchanged and both girls proved their proficiency in the ‘clinch knee’ over four rounds where the competition was painstakingly close. When the referee yelled ‘Time!’, it seemed as if either fighter could win at that point but UCL’s Chopard reigned triumphant.

Up next, Danny “The Nose” Majidian, representing KCL was up against UCL’s George Kuhn. Kuhn proved a strong opponent for Majidian. However, Danny’s expert kicks and brutal punches proved too much for his competitor, and the decision point was awarded to KCL.

The third round saw KCL’s India “Diamond in the” Brough fight valiantly against UCL’s Zita Méhész, aka “Queen Crush ‘Em”. Living up to her nickname, India proved her great potential, but Zita’s continuous combination punches crushed the competition and crowned her the decisive queen of that match.

The fourth contest was an intense match. The unwavering self-assurance and confidence of KCL’s Saqib ‘Super’ Javaid ultimately reigned supreme over UCL’s Muhammed Ashraf Yusoff. This intensity now left the Varsity match at deadlock with teams going neck and neck into the final round.

The last fight was met with a multitude of anticipation as it would decide the final winners of the competition. KCL’s Mike “The Liability” Vilen-Letts, a Muay Thai machine known best for his brutal roundhouse kicks, found his match in UCL’s equally adept Marc Newall aka “The Sadist”. As the two battled it out bravely with kicks, knees and punches, the referee ultimately decided the round was a draw.

As the two fighters left the ring, tensions escalated and the crowd swiftly became agitated with the decision. No more than a minute later both Mike and Marc returned to the ring, limbs armed at the ready to fight one last round that would decide the entire competition. To say the atmosphere was tense would be an understatement.

Although both fighters fought with strength, determination and expertise, ultimately there could only be one winner. This time around the victory was after UCL’s Marc Newall, which placed UCL as the champions of the 2017 Muay Thai Varsity competition.

Whilst there was a faint feeling of disappointment shared by the KCL side, there was a stronger collective determination that the team would be back next year stronger than ever and determined to reclaim their title of Varsity Champion – with all eight limbs at the ready.


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