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Can’t sleep? Your mobile might be to blame

Using your mobile before bed may impede sleep.

Using your phone before bed appears to affect both quantity and quality of sleep. Two papers that were published last month focus on this topic, but are independent of each other. King’s College researchers looked at 20 studies on 125,000 children’s device usage and their sleep patterns. They showed that using your phone before bed seemed to be linked with daytime drowsiness and sleep patterns worse in quality and quantity. The consequences of poor sleep could be detrimental.

Leading King’s researcher for the study Dr Carter says: “Our study provides further proof of the detrimental effect of media devices on both sleep duration and quality.”

In the US, recent results at the University of California looked at adult phone use and sleep. This further showed that sleeping maybe affected by our phone use.

Poor sleep has long-term health consequences. These studies are important and apply to everyone, regardless of age. As students, whether we are watching Netflix or working late into the night, it is common practice to use these devices at all hour. Perhaps keep this in mind next time you surf the web at night.




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