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An AGM of Shakespearian proportions

‘All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.’

KCLSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) tends to be a Shakespearian affair. Intrigue, betrayal, and ego all feature in the month leading up to the event, where any student can submit a motion to change union policy.

The tone can be cloak-and-dagger at times, what with the covert meetings and underhand tactics on the day. But what’s at stake for these particular students? A full-time paid position next year, of course. And it seems everyone wants to be a student officer.

Talking about the student politics microcosm at King’s, a councillor said, “KCL is a very close community.” The AGM provides ample conditions for a student’s voice to go beyond the Student Council clique. There are more voters in Guy’s and the IoP, reader, than are dreamt of in Council.

So, if the motions don’t thrill you, attend the AGM for the sheer performance. At present, the stage is there for the taking. But the question remains; who will get the encore?

The AGM will take place on 23 January, 6pm, at Guy’s Lecture Theatre 1, New Hunts House.



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