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Style Icons 1: Mary Berry


Mary Berry is throwing out the recipe for dressing for the older lady, and she’s cooking up a style storm!


Mary Berry – domestic goddess, baking angel, sex symbol, style icon. Many of us have become aware of and are enthralled by the enigma that is Mary Berry since the birth of The Great British Bake Off. Mary has emerged as the star of the show (in this editor’s opinion), and not just because of her mad baking skills and (inadvertent) sexual innuendo. For me, Mary Berry is a masterclass in stylish and elegant dressing for the mature lady. Who says a floral bomber jacket is just for the youths of today? Not Mary. Oh no, Mary is bringing style to the kitchen better than Nigella or Jamie ever could, and that is why I’ve fallen in love with her. I mean, the woman has to detract from Paul’s super tight jeans somehow, doesn’t she?

In the first episode of the new season, we saw Mary working a floral blazer not unlike one found in high street staple H&M. In the past, I’ve also seen her working a floral Topshop blazer (when Hawaiian prints were bang on trend last summer), as well as the aforementioned floral bomber jacket, another high street hit, courtesy of Zara. So not only does Mary demonstrate a penchant for the statement jacket, but she also champions the high street as high chic. Most importantly, Mary knows her colour palette well, which is basically the first rule of getting dressed. She clearly favours a blue hue, which works perfectly with her light hair and slightly tanned skin tone. She keeps her outfits simple with block colouring, and then chooses a statement piece for maximum impact.

Mary Berry is a style icon to us all, because she eschews the twinset and sensible shoes in favour of bold prints, bright colours and flattering silhouettes. To top it off, Mary has previously mentioned her use of fake tan. A woman who can teach you how to make a perfect Victoria Sponge AND lend you her St Tropez? Perfection. Who says that this saucy minx needs to be confined to the realms of the ‘sensible’ section of M&S? Not me, that’s for sure. Mary Berry is fast cooking up a new fashion recipe for older women. Sorry. The baking pun had to happen eventually. Let’s all continue tuning in every Tuesday to witness Mary and her style successes. This season, I’m hoping she champions the print for winter, camouflage.

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