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The College this week

It’s estimated that just two hundred King’s students turned up for the NUS Demo on Wednesday. Unfortunately for those who didn’t show, they missed out on a memorable speech by Thomas Clayton and a rap performance by Kiki Johnson. They also stayed warm in their beds, listening to the sweet tapping of rain on their windows. Swings and roundabouts, eh.

How do you create a lasting wave of controversy? Print a furious article in the student rag, of course. That’s certainly what Roar! Newspaper did for October’s issue and it has subsequently gained coverage in The Guardian and The London Evening Standard. Someone defaced the image of Lord Carey at the Strand Campus on Saturday with the word “Scum”. The College won’t listen to Student Council, but emotions still run high.

The main highlight of King’s sporting calendar, the London Varsity, looks like it’s not going to take place this year, causing universal outrage. The popular rugby matches between King’s and UCL might be cancelled due to crowd trouble at last year’s spectacle. One thing’s for sure: Reggie’s going to be angry when he hears about this and he’ll probably punch a cheerleader again.

Second-year International Politics student Anthony Shaw is in the application process for Governor of Gibraltar. “King’s gave me the confidence to just say ‘Yeah, I’d make a bloody good Governor!’”, he muses. “If it wasn’t for King’s, I would never have got my internship at Westminster, which I think was the starting point for my dream of a career in the civil service and government.” If he gets the job, hopefully he’ll clean the place up.

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