On Friday, October 25, the Facebook page Kiss College London published a post about a man allegedly harassing and targeting women in the Maughan Library. Since then, the post has received 153 comments.

The Facebook page was created to “confess your secret love anonymously” and is infamous within the King’s community. In the post being referred to, tagged #KissCollegeLondon14766, two King’s students ask if anyone else has encountered a “creepy” man who sits at the IT desk at the Maughan – despite apparently not being a part of the university’s IT team – and “claims he’s from LSE”. It reads: “He talks about how he’s dating multiple girls, and his psychopath tactics on dating girls. He tries to ask for your number at the end.”

Kiss College London’s post

The post has been commented on 153 times, with a large number of comments being from girls who have had similar experiences with the same man, recognised through the description provided in the post. Some commenters claim that the man followed them outside the library and to the tube station, while others say that he contacted them “pretending to be a KCL security guard.” Numerous women report feeling unsafe at the Maughan because of the incidents, with some even switching to Waterloo Library instead.

Comments from students who have had experiences with a similarly-described man

Many are now asking about the well-being and student safety at the university. A second-year student, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “This reflects very poorly on King’s. Where is the security for our students? Why was a man who had nothing to do with King’s IT allowed to sit at the IT desk and harass women?”

On Tuesday, a King’s College London spokesperson said: “We are looking into concerns raised by some of our students who use one of our libraries and are investigating further.”

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