Calls for Unity at Action Palestine and Afghan Welfare Society Poetry and Chai Event


The theme of unity inspired student poets from around London to perform at Guy’s Campus at Poetry and Chai, a collaborative event organised by KCL Action Palestine and KCL Afghan Welfare Society.

The annual event was organised to raise money for the charities Afghan Connection and Education Aid for Palestine, both of which aim to fund and promote education for young people in Afghanistan and Palestine’s territories.

Afghan and Palestinians students and their friends shared tea and national desserts while five London-based poets performed their original work.

Performers included Jamilah Speaks, Conscious Rhymes, Loujean, Simplyf.s, Aadam Speaks, Sully G, Aneesa, and Hassan Speaks.

Despite the event’s theme being one of ‘Unity’, the topics addressed were extremely broad, ranging from past and current conflict in Afghanistan, Palestine, and Philistine to racism, knife crime, and austerity in the UK.

Aadam Speaks called for greater unity within the Muslim community in the UK, stating “We don’t support each other enough.”

“The world is trying to divide us. Let’s not help it.”

Conscious Rhymes, a civil engineering student by day, applied his background knowledge in his performance, using the rock cycle as a metaphor for the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Though most poems were performed in English, Loujean performed entirely in Arabic, and Simplyf.s threaded verses from popular Farsi songs into her performance.

KCL’s position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is unclear. Despite their agreement to partner with Al-Quds University in Palestine, the university recently invited ex-IDF colonel Eyal Dror to speak – a seemingly contradictory move that was met with protest from KCLAP.

KCLAP and KCLAWS have been contacted for comment.

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