Students raise £100,000 for a refugee camp in Lebanon

Students4Syria’s new campaign plan to raise £100k.

King’s College London student society aims to raise an astounding £100,000 for the Dar-As-Salam refugee shelter in Lebanon.

The Students4Syria (S4S) society has worked to launch this new fundraising campaign in collaboration with Human Aid, a charity organization also invested in the Syrian refugee crisis.

The S4S president, Abdus-Samad Ahmed, is determined to help the people of the Dar-As-Salam camp.  ‘The shelter is home to 66 Syrian orphans and 22 widows, and funds will provide shelter, food and clothing, a playground for the children, much needed social and psychological care, and will also allow for the maintenance of the shelter for the future’, he says.

The society has already launched several fundraising events and competitions, such as Postcards to Lebanon and the Students4Syria Mural competition. Both of these invite all students to donate or to help fundraise for the cause. The S4S online media campaign is also ongoing.

‘We’ve really tried to engage the student community and reiterate that they can use their talents to support heart-warming causes like this one’, said Abdul-Samad. ‘We work to create awareness about the crisis, we fundraise for beautiful causes, and we encourage people to become pro-active advocates for the Syrian people’, he added.

When they will have reached their goal of £100,000, S4S is planning to send a delegation of students to Lebanon this summer, to see for themselves the impact they will have on the Syrian refugees.

‘It’s important to remember that these are people with equal hopes, fears and dreams like ourselves, and spending time with them only serves as a reminder of their incredible strength’, said Abdus-Samad.


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