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Welcome Week 101: Your Guide to the 2021 Freshers’ Experience at KCLSU

KCLSU Welcome Week 2021 Freshers' Fair

Another year at King’s College London is right around the corner; and with each new year at our university comes Welcome Week, seven days of activities hosted by the King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU).

With Covid-19 restrictions lifting across King’s campuses, in-person events will be making their long-awaited return as new students from around the globe flock to London. For those students who will be abroad during first term, don’t worry – there will be plenty to do from the comfort of your own homes once KCLSU Welcome Week kicks off on Monday, September 20.

Welcome Fair 2021

This year’s Freshers’ Fair has been aptly re-named for an academic year like no other. For the first time, King’s will be welcoming two generations of students to their first glimpse of an on-campus university lifestyle. With this rebranding comes a new location as well: as Roar initially reported in June, KCLSU will hold this year’s fair at Old Billingsgate, a change from the usual Barbican venue of past Freshers’ festivities.

The Welcome Fair will be held on September 23 and 24, with different societies invited to Old Billingsgate each day to speak with students about their core activities and how to become members.

The Welcome App

For those students unable to attend in-person, KCLSU will be hosting a digital version of the Fair from September 22-23 on its Welcome App, available for Android, iOS, and Mac/PC. Featuring everything from individual video sessions hosted by student societies at virtual “stalls” to chatrooms with fellow King’s students, the app is in many ways designed to be a one-stop-shop this Welcome Week.

The app will also include a map of the Fair at Old Billingsgate, alongside a livestream of the event itself. Whether you’re in London or not, the app is a must-have if you want to experience everything this year’s Welcome Week has to offer.

Freshers’ Wristbands

With clubs and other venues reopening across the country, KCLSU’s Freshers Wristbands are making a triumphant comeback this year. Three bands are available for purchase on the KCLSU website:

KCLSU London Freshers’ Wristband

The most expensive band this year is also the most jam-packed with things to do across the city. Providing holders with access to a party a night for the entirety of Welcome Week at popular venues such as Ministry of Sound and Fabric, the London band is the option for party-goers at King’s. The final round of the London Freshers’ Wristband is on sale now for £37.

KCLSU Welcome Week wristband

Guy’s Campus Freshers’ Wristband

The go-to wristband for students of the medical persuasion, KCLSU’s Guy’s Campus band includes access to numerous event during Welcome Week, including icebreakers, meet-and-greets, and September 25’s Glitter Ball. Band-holders will also receive 10% off food during the week, as well as free filter coffee or tea for two weeks at The Shed. This band is on sale now for £25. A £32-version is also available, including tickets to a pizza and prosecco party.

Strand Campus Freshers’ Wristband

If you’re based on Strand Campus, this is the band for you. Featuring access to an International Mixer, Neon Rave, Frat Party, and Noughties Night, partygoers will have plenty of events to look forward to at King’s original campus. Including food discounts and free coffee/tea for two weeks at the Shack, this band is on sale now for £25, with a £32 pizza and prosecco-inclusive version available as well.

If you’re going to be on Strand Campus, be sure to hit the streets outside St Mary le Strand, too. The area’s pedestrianisation, scheduled for completion in 2025, is well underway. To celebrate a successful launch, the stretch of road in front of Bush House and the Strand Building will play host to a street festival during Welcome Week, including a skate park and places to eat, drink, and relax with new and old friends alike.

For further information regarding Welcome Week 2021, visit the KCLSU website or contact the Union at [email protected].

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