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Meet the KCL Women’s Rugby team!

Ladies and gentlemen, may we proudly introduce the KCL Women’s Rugby squad ready to defend the title against UCL this Friday.

March 16th at Allianz Park. KO: 5pm.

It’s time for you to meet our lionesses:



  1. Lucia Blackmore

Position: Prop

Nickname: Chicken Dipper Lover

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 100/10, future social sec?

Banter: 7/10, just an everyday clown.

Flirt: 9/10, creds to the hairstyle (even pulls on the pitch).

Season highlight: scoring a belter of a prop try against GKT.

Readiness for Varsity: 200%, spends more time at the gym than home. Gym is home.


2. Angharad Jones

Position: Hooker

Nickname: Harry

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 2/10, did come to the welcome event.

Banter: 4/10, talks about dissections on the train to Berrylands while the team is having lunch.

Intelligence: 10/10, First class honours MSc BUCS Rugby rules.

Season highlight: Not chatting with the ref.

Readiness for Varsity: 7/10 – depends if she wears her scrum cap or not.


 3. Kasey Kelly

Position: Prop

Nickname: KK

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 9/10, committed to the fancy dress spirit, fresher of the year since welcome drinks.

Intelligence: always asks brilliant questions about rugby.

Flirt: 10/10, Kasey’s crush watched her play rugby, now he’s her bf.

Season highlight: sending a girl to hospital.

Readiness for Varsity: 8.76/10, will depend on the brows.


4. Afaf Sifeddine

Position: Second Row

Nickname: Afalafel, Insta Queen, Braziouu

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: Walkabout (11/10) P.I (twice then never again/10)

Banter: 400/10, Entertains CROWDS on the @kclwrfc and @petiteafouf insta all year.

Flirt: 5/10, does not know the difference between friendly and flirty (braziou problems?)

Season highlight: all the handoffs and side steps throughout.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, don’t get fooled by this beautiful face.


5. Cecile Bigot

Position: Second Row

Nickname: Noodle, Cecil

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 5/10 → 10/10 for the first term, 0/10 for the second one.

Banter: 7/10, makes us laugh, funny.

Flirt: Ask Sophie’s sis.

Season highlight: Being featured on the King’s Sport instagram.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10 #noodlearmspowah


6. Laura Murphy

Position: Flanker

Nickname: Champ, the American, vegan #1

Years played: 3

Sports night factor: 9/10, fastest at downing pints.

Banter: 10/10, breaks collarbone, laughs it away.

Flirt: 8/10, gets everyone to buy her drinks.

Season highlight: Every tackle she makes, she is (literally) made of steel.

Readiness for Varsity: 20/10, ready since March last year (missed Varsity because she was at Coachella).


7.Paz Bombo

Position: Flanker

Nickname: Pazzy, Cap

Years played: 89

Sports night factor: 1/10, missed too many socials for lib sesh (so we were told).

Banter: 10/10, her contagious laugh makes our day.

Flirt: 9.99/10, joined the Pole society at freshers fair.

Season highlight: Loses boot, scores anyway. U mirin?

Readiness for Varsity: 50/10, been at KCLWRFC since 1987, watch out.


8. Sophie Tulloch

Position: No.8

Nickname: Soso, Soph

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 9/10, learned to drink with the navy.

Banter: 7/10, loves the laughs but is too nice to be savage.

Flirt: 9/10, mastered the French kiss.

Season highlight: When she smashed it as 12 against UCL although she had never played in the backs.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, is there a single game Sophie is not ready for?


9.Emma Kinnaird

Position: Scrum-half

Nickname: kinny, braveheart, KCL’s Laidlaw

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 1/10, never comes to PI.

Banter: 10/10 when Scotland wins, 0/10 when Scotland loses.

Flirt: 5/10, in a serious relationship, will be the first rugby wedding on the team (we love you Phil!)

Season highlight: When she played #14 and #10.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, knows our calls in sign language, she’s so prepared.


10. Lottie Kissick-Jones

Position: Fly-half

Nickname: Lottie

Years played: 18 out of 18.

Sports night factor: 7/10, life of the party if she’s not working at Waterfront.

Banter: 6/10, surprising revelations during “Never have I ever”.

Flirt: 9/10, see picture above #smize

Season highlight: All the hand-offs.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, at uni mainly for rugby.


 11. Louise Pech

Position: Left wing/Full-back

Nickname: Pech, the Wall, Blanco

Years played: 3

Sports night factor: 3/10, died at welcome event although not a fresher. Loves sweeping the kitchen floor after a few drinks.

Banter: 4/10, loves playing “what do you meme” way too much.

Flirt: 9.1/10, got a thing for sailors, knows everything about the navy.

Season highlight: Anytime she can play / is not injured.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, been waiting for this moment for 3 years.


12. Reagan Pearce

Position: Inside center

Nickname: Reags, Reagy-P, Wonder twin no. 1

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: Current social sec, need we say more?

Banter: 6/10, getting better when Cece is not around.

Flirt: 0/10, in a committed relationship with a Finnish gal.

Season highlight: Kicking amazing conversions.

Readiness for Varsity: 20/10, (her Finnish gal will be watching).


13. Marie-Lys Castello Larroque

Position: Outside center

Nickname: Prez, Pattypan

Years played: 3

Sports night factor: 0.2/10, endless concussion didn’t help.

Banter: 5/10, most of the time too sarcastic (and french) for people to understand.

Flirt: 9.9875/10, good year for the prez.

Season highlight: side steppin’ every single person in front of her #eldiablo.

Readiness for Varsity: 100/10, planning and dreaming about Varsity since June.


14. Molly Mintz

Position: Right wing

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 8/10 first semester, 2/10 second semester: chose ski soc over us.

Banter: 6/10, too serious, always waiting on a phone call for an internship.

Flirt: 14/10, look at those eyes.

Season highlight: “everyone’s scored a try it’s my turn” then proceeds to run the entire pitch scoring a belter against GKT.

Readiness for Varsity: 9/10 if she’s in the country


15. Helen Atkinson

Position: Full-back

Nickname: “Health and Safety Officer”, wonder twin n°2

Years played: feels like 100 but it’s only been 2

Sports night factor: 100/10, Queen of the Dover Castle Challenge 2018.

Banter: 3/10, Welsh jokes are a bit difficult to understand.

Flirt: Ask Aidan (full-back for England’s Rugby team and KCLWRFC’S Biggest Fan)

Season highlight: Babysitting while playing rugby against LSE #goals

Readiness for Varsity: 100/10, Whocl, you are deffo not ready for this one.


16. Tash Sice

Position: Prop

Nickname: Cambridge, the Frenchy-wannabe

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 5/10, but if she comes out she’s the last one standing.

Banter: 6.8/10, depends if she has eaten before.

Flirt: 5/10, she prefers fine foods.

Season highlight: having an amazing comeback in second semester after a long injury.

Readiness for Varsity: 100/10, already warming up her voice to yell at the opposition when we are defending.


17. Rosie Barnes

Position: Second/Back Row

Years played: 2

Sports night factor: 3/10, always leaves before PI.

Banter: 6/10, too focused on the game.

Flirt: 0/10, in a committed relationship.

Season highlight: Tackled England’s Rugby numbah 10 at our Inner Warrior Camp.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, rumors say that she is featured in one of the famous “best rugby tackles ever” youtube video.


18. Keira Sesay

Position: Second row

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 4/10, threw up everywhere during a football vs rugby boat race.

Banter: 6/10, gives the attitude.

Flirt: 9.9999/10, brought her boyfriend to Chichester to watch us play.

Season highlight: big big big tackles.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, you don’t want to be tackled by her.


19. Zoonii Kayler

Position: Flanker

Nickname: Pole queen, vegan #2

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 2/10, some progress to be made.

Banter: 1/10, was impressed by Paz’s jokes.

Flirt: 100/10, pulled the cap on one of the first PI nights.

Season highlight: Doing pole moves everywhere: on the train, on the pitch, on the team pics, just everywhere.

Readiness for Varsity: will depend on how the pole Varsity went.

20. [Removed] 

Content removed at request, in compliance with Article 17(1)a of the General Data Protection Regulation.

21. Louise Martin

Position: Wing

Nickname: Loulou, Bunny, Lapinou

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 7/10, loves the costumes (#rudolph #irishpumfuckinshit)

Banter: 7/10, photoshops Blanco (holding hands with her) everywhere.

Flirt: 8/10, loves the blonds (beware Lottie).

Season highlight: Scores try even when she starts running in the wrong direction.

Readiness for Varsity: 14/10, she’s the lady Teddy Thomas #frenchflair


22. Anya Meidell

Position: Wing

Nickname: @nyouts (if you follow her she will like 17 of your insta posts).

Years played: 1

Sports night factor: 0/10 Peed in a pint cup on the PI party bus. No sign of life since.

Banter: 4/10 “I don’t think she’s funny” Raph (see no.20).

Season highlight: Taking down girls that are 3x her size.

Readiness for Varsity: 10/10, will join Tash in warming up her voice to yell at Whocl.




Photography by Ece Çakıroğlu, Instagram: @ece_cakiroglu



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