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This Girl Can: The Neon Run

The weather was chilly, crispy and dark, but this could not dissuade the twelve KCL girls who donned their neon paint and bright bands to participate in the ‘This Girl Can’ run. 

‘This Girl Can’ is a national campaign, the purpose of which is to raise awareness and celebrate women participating in sports by holding exclusive female events, regardless of shape, size, and ability. Research conducted by This Girl Can, has shed light on the fact that women are less likely to exercise due to fear of judgement. In order to combat such issues, This Girl Can focuses on attracting women to exercise within female only spaces.

Many universities have become involved with This Girl Can and have hosted events promoting the message of female empowerment and inclusivity.  At the College, This Girl Can joined forces with BeActive, a social sport and physical activity programme that allows students to delve into a number of sports and classes, to organise events spanning 2 weeks.

Alyx Murray-Jackson organiser and leader of the Neon Run

King’s Athletics and BeActive members partnered with KCLSU to throw a number of exclusive girls event to motivate women getting involved in sports. These events include the Neon Run, Touch Rugby, Cheerleading workouts, and Yoga raves all spread across a couple of weeks.

Previously, they have managed to engage 150 students for the whole event, however for this year they are hoping to reach the 200 mark.

The Neon Run remained a popular event to participate in as it is a simple, accessible, slow and comfortable run to be a part of. One runner, speaking to Roar, explained how the event was ‘extremely fun and welcoming to all’.

Amongst the swathe of runners, goody bags full of neon paint, bands and glow-sticks were handed out in order to truly complete the neon transformation.

Smiles all round

In total, the keen runners completed a track of a brisk three miles. From the London Bridge Gym to the Southbank and finally ending their arduous journey at Waterloo Bridge Gym, the runners could easily be spotted taking part in a weights fitness workout and lively neon disco stretch.

Congratulations and well done to all who took part!



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