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KCL Community Comes Together for The Great King’s Run 2018

Sunday saw hundreds of King’s students and staff pace through the streets of London in celebration of the annual Great King’s Run.

The GKR is collaboratively organised by King’s Sport, King’s Athletics and the KCL Raising and Giving community (RAG), providing a fantastic opportunity for runners of all capabilities to have some fun and embrace some friendly competition. This year marked the third year that this fabulous community event has taken place and once again it proved to be an enormous success. Despite the drizzly weather conditions, a staggering 370 runners turned out to brace the 5km,10km or 5km Colour Run events. The spectacular riverside route saw the runners start by crossing Waterloo Bridge and then head eastwards along the Thames, dashing through Borough Market and speeding past the likes of the Shard, before returning westward along Embankment.

As the runners flowed into their final stretch besides Somerset House, Roar managed to get a few exclusive interviews with the President of King’s Athletics, King’s Sport and the runners themselves. The beaming faces of the Lacrosse girls; Melissa Torkizadeh, Christina Ng, Wiktonia Milczynslea and Sophie Beavan – Vaughan whom had taken part in the 5km Colour Run were impossible to go unnoticed. They explained how they had decided to get involved in the Colour Run as they loved the idea of partaking in a fun-run that allowed them to have a laugh with their friends and take some snazzy Instagram photos. They stated that the community spirit was extraordinary and that they were even cheered along by groups of tourists!

President of King’s Athletics Alex Bloom-Davis similarly shared great enthusiasm about the event, commending the respective 5km and 10km winners. He went on to praise the hard work of the 50 volunteers that ensured the course was sufficiently marshaled and allowed the morning to run smoothly.

King’s Sport representative Alyx Murray-Jackman was thrilled by the tremendous turn out and explained how the Race Village and Great Hall were packed with participants pre-registration. She agreed that the event had managed to get bigger and better for the third year running and stated how this was primarily a testament to the collaborative efforts of King’s Athletics, King’s Sport and RAG.

Radia, the President of King’s RAG was hopeful that this event will continue to grow from strength to strength and will in future enable participants to set up fundraising pages and organise charity donations prior to the event day.

It seems that with King’s Athletics, King’s Sport and RAG’s record of success, we won’t have to wait long until another collaborative sporting event is on the cards.. Be sure to look out for the next round of the Great King’s Run due to take place in Spring 2019!



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