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Disco Picnic is a Gem of Peckham Nightlife

Take yourself back to the house parties of your teens; imagine them bigger, better and funkier. Disco Picnic, a new event taking place in Safehouse 1 and 2 in London’s creative heart, Peckham, is exactly that- a big, funky house party. Disco Picnic is another gem in the crown of Peckham nightlife, situated just around the corner from Rye Lane, the stretch of road that is home to other well loved destinations such as Bussey Building, Rye Wax and Canavan’s. Disco Picnic isn’t just another disco and funk night, which seems to be the current trend in club nights, rather, it is an entirely unique experience which is attributed to by the menagerie of elements at play within the walls of the Safehouses.


There is a variety of music on offer at Disco Picnic – expect to hear funk, soul, old school hip hop, disco, house and more. The organisers of the event aren’t new to this kind of thing either, they have regularly hosted a stage at Secret Garden Party. During the daytime, the vibe is chilled, so guests can chill out with a beer or a cocktail or two and take in the atmosphere. However, things are expected to get a tad rowdier when the sun goes down, thanks to the ‘After ATE’ lineups. Nighttime revelers can dance the night away to extended sets by the secret guest DJs, which have previously been the likes of Archie Hamilton, Alex Arnout, Rob James, Citizenn and dOP. There are also an array of takeovers hosted by Hotel Motel, Tuckshop, Luv’ Dancin, The Menendez Brothers and Smokey Tails. Visitors can also expect works from prolific artists, photographers and fashion labels when they visit.



However, music isn’t the only thing to look forward to at Disco Picnic. What’s a good party without food and drink? The venues are equipped with full bars, offering a variety of beers, fruity bottles, spirits and wines at reasonable prices. Particularly interesting are the cocktails on offer, at £7 a pop, you can sip on a Peckham Mule or a Dark and Stormy, or one of the many other concoctions on offer. And what if you’re feeling a bit peckish? Never mind popping out to the kebab shop, Disco Picnic has got you covered with their resident BBQ joint- Smokey Tails. Smokey Tails is a BBQ pop-up owned by Seth Troxler, who enjoys cooking up a storm as much as mixing beats. Smokey Tails has already set quite an impression in the street food scene, having toured festivals in the UK such as Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness and Love Box. They’ve even brought their BBQ flavours on tour around Australian festivals this summer. You can enjoy pulled pork (£7) and mac and cheese (£3.50), served up fresh by the resident chefs.



Peckham is entirely fitting for this kind of event, it’s up and coming and has a strong creative environment. I asked the organiser, Jay, what he hoped to accomplish with Disco Picnic and his response was; ‘to bring the ideal environment for creatives to do what they do in Peckham.’ The venue itself offers something completely new- Safehouse 1 and 2 are a set of semi-detached Victorian-era houses on Copeland Road, which used to be a Bed and Breakfast. The houses are adorned with vintage furnishings, even the bars themselves are old wardrobes and chests of drawers., and the interiors are completely stripped down, paint peeling off the wall and bare floorboards, but if anything, this aesthetic adds to the atmosphere, it sort of suggests a ‘who cares’ attitude. And I would have to agree, who cares about sleek and pristine club environments when you have good music, good food, and good company?

Disco Picnic is on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday till December 19th!

Free entry before 8pm, £3-5 afterward.



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