Roar writer Abdus Shaik on stereotypical views that other students think Physics students hold.

Disclaimer: In no way was this article written to offend anyone from any department belonging to any University in the UK or abroad. This is an article that was written to make people, like yourself, laugh.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from people who read my last article, I have decided to write another one focusing on what people think Physics students think of students from other departments. Regardless, the views shown are for humorous purposes only and in no way reflect the way most Physics students think. You could say that this is the way you think we think about you.

So here’s what we “think” about students from other departments:

Accounting: We wish you luck in your meaningless voyage to make some money in a “not so competitive field”.

Actuary: You’re basically just an accountant with a few Maths and Stats modules.

Archaeology: So you study bones for a living? How fascinating….

Biology: Admit it, even you hate your degree.

Biomedicine: Aww, I am so sorry you got rejected for Medicine.

Business: Wait! Are you that guy who was drunk at Guy’s Bar while everyone else was at their lectures?

Chemistry: You basically just applied for Physics with two lab sessions a week. Why would you even choose that?

Classics: Did we successfully build a time machine? Why do I see so many Latin speakers here? Oh… people actually spend £9,000 for that…

Computer Science: You would be lost without Tim Berners Lee (literally)… But code your way to a higher salary than us, my lovely…

Creative writing: Sorry who?

Criminology: So you weren’t smart enough for Psychology?

Drama: So you want to be an actor? No? Then what are you studying drama for? (A classic assumption that your career choice is your degree choice).

Dentistry: I wonder what you wrote in your personal statement… “I love looking at teeth”?

Economics: You’re essentially just business, but what you do sounds fancier and you’ll end up making more money.

English: Tell me a nice quote, Shakespeare!

Fashion: Hey I study Physics, wanna go out with me?

Finance: My my… people use Mathematics these days to make money?

Geography: Geography is not a science… it just isn’t…

Geology: You’re just Geography students with some science.

History: Just typical white bois with bangs who drink a lot. Oh, and you are apparently good in bed too.

History of Art: So you’ve turned a history module into an entire degree? How interesting…

Information Technology: We’re not living in the 90’s any more…

International relations: You’re just a Politics reject and now you have to explain what you do to every other person…

Languages: £9,000 a year for a few fancy words in a new fancy language? Nice…

Law: You may take a seat and stop showing your stylish coats off that mummy and daddy bought for you from France.

Management: Basically Business, but you drink too much and your parents have a lot of money, apparently. Oh, and you don’t have as much Maths as Finance students do.

Maths: Dear father, I use your equations better than you do, love Physics

Medicine: No comment because I need you when I get corona.

Midwifery: What’s the difference between that and nursing?

Music: Posh parents who don’t care about what you study at uni but they wanted to show you off in front of the guests, so you spent all your life learning how to play multiple instruments but you can’t do basic algebra.

Neuroscience: A lot of my friends study this and I don’t understand a thing about what they do but they apparently enjoy it.

Nursing: So you pay £9,000 annually to then spend the rest of your life looking at babies being pushed out of their mothers’ vaginas?

Pharmacy: So you’ll basically just work in a pharmacy, yeah? And hand me meds over the counter?

Philosophy: I was in the Philosophy group chat… Want to know the most commonly used sentence? “Your argument is valid, but you are wrong”… My friend, I wish you luck when you enter the job market…

Politics: Your view is irrelevant.

PPE: The Posh, Puny and Egoistic students.

Psychology: You wanted to go to uni, you wanted to enjoy the parties but you weren’t smart enough to choose a subject. So here you are trying to justify how much you “love” waking up for 9 AM’s to study something you don’t even understand.

Sociology: Psychology reject.

Theology: The least religious people you’d ever meet.

Zoology: I thought they hired GCSE dropouts to look after animals in the zoo? What do you do exactly?

No, no, no! That is not what we think of you all and it’s tiring when we try and explain to you that we respect everyone, but the stereotypical view that people hold, is that we are snobby and think we are better than everyone else, when we really don’t think that way! We are just people who enjoy what we do!

It is important to understand that Physics students are like everyone else, and I hope that society accepts us as normal human beings, so that we can all benefit from each other’s talents and company.

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