Day 2 of Varsity kicked off at the Leon Paul Fencing Centre: the programme included six rounds: Women and Men’s Foil, Women and Men’s Sabre, and Women and Men’s Épée. Specification for the casuals: a round finishes when a team reaches 45 points, or when the time is up.

 Women’s Matches

 The Women’s team lost on the extremely tight score of 129-130 as KCL’s girls won the Épée round, but unfortunately fell just short in the Foil and Sabre rounds. The overall tight score can be explained by the fact that none of the three rounds finished with a margin of more than 4 points. The Foil event was first and UCL’s fencers just edged KCL in the first round of the day on the score of 44-45 – a tough pill to swallow as the score had previously been of 42-36 and later 44-43 to KCL. A respectable comeback from UCL. The Women’s Sabre event also saw a mightily impressive comeback from UCL as their sabreists clawed back from a 24-15 losing position, to take the lead a few minutes later, on the score of 25-30. They had effectively beaten KCL 15-1 over two minutes and held on to their advantage to eventually win 41-45. Finally, the KCL epeeists were dominant in their round, holding on to an early lead to win 44-40, even being 9 points up at one stage. However, that was not enough to win on the overall score, and KCL’s girls were defeated by just the one point. A very tight contest between the rivals but a great performance from our side.

Men’s Matches

The Men’s team made amends for the earlier disappointment and won 127-124 against UCL’s fencers. The event started with a superb display of skill in the Foil category as KCL won on the impressive score of 45-36 to give our boys an advantage that would prove very useful as the day went on. After a timid start that saw them trailing on 10-15, our fencers came back to win by 9 points. KCL’s epeeists struggled a bit more as they lost their round on 39-43. UCL finished very strongly as the scoreboard had both teams level on 38-38 close to the end, but five of the last six points went to our rivals. The final round of the day saw mixed emotions but overall, jubilation. KCL’s Sabre team would lose 43-45 but that was enough to win on overall points. This round was fascinating as the rivals traded the lead every 5 minutes. A 25-30 score at one stage was quite worrying but the KCL fencers were ecstatic as they fought back to win the entire Men’s event, with the scoreboard showing 41-39 to our side. As the overall event was won, the eventual loss in the round did not matter. The large win in the Foil round was enough to win once again in the Men’s event. Congratulations to KCL’s Fencing boys!


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