Roar writer Siddhi Jain on her favourite Cigarettes After Sex songs.

I grew up romanticising life, fantasising about fairytales, devouring novels that stretched my heart wide open, and conjuring up visions of a fanciful future. This was due to my dreamy personality; I have always envisioned a world that cherishes heartfelt things. When I first heard Cigarettes After Sex, I could sense the emotions of the singer, Greg Gonzalez, spilling profusely for the listeners to feel. This was the pivotal moment for me, because it was then that I discovered my passion for Dream pop.

Music has always been about lyrics for me, and listening to Cigarettes After Sex made me reevaluate the meaning of love. In the singer’s vocabulary, love means immersing yourself in the fantastical space that you share with your partner. He describes his love life in the most authentic way possible – through melodies. But the finest thing about this band is how well the singer’s voice meshes with the instruments played by other band members. Even if you have been single for long, their music has the power to infuse you with feelings of love, which is a tricky sensation to articulate when their songs are so stark naked and upright.

I vividly remember listening to “Apocalypse” when I was diagnosed with Covid-19 in May 2021, though I had never heard of Cigarettes After Sex before. I isolated myself for two weeks, as per the 14-day guideline. As a result, I resigned to easy methods of amusement. One of them was hunting for new songs to create a fresh playlist on Spotify. I came across “Apocalypse”, which immediately ignited a fire inside me. The lyrics – “Your lips, My lips, Apocalypse” – build a sultry aura in the room. This song makes me want to hug myself tight every time I hear it. If you fancy slow dancing beneath the moonlight with the love of your life, I suggest you listen to this band. It will soothe your aching heart; its lyrics will seek refuge in your soul and you will let them stay for a long haul.

Although “Apocalypse” remains one of my favourites, the band has a slew of other lovely songs that can enchant anyone. “Heavenly” is a beautiful song from their 2019 album, “Cry”. It depicts the sensation of being at ease with your partner; the background tunes are ambient and oddly cheery. Another song I love, “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”, comes under their 2012 EP, “I.”, reflecting the idea that your companion will be there to defend you at all times. Its background music creates a surreal atmosphere.

Lastly, I would recommend their song “K.”, which falls under their 2017 album, “Cigarettes After Sex”. This album is renowned, since it contains a variety of songs which the listeners can choose from. The song has my heart; it is about Gonzalez developing feelings for a girl named Kristen while in a transient, no-strings-attached relationship with her. It sounds very dreamy with its music.

The music of Cigarettes After Sex provides a raw insight into relationships. It is extremely relaxing to listen to someone share their most personal stories so boldly, and it can give you the confidence to accept your reality without fear.


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