A snake is feared to be on the loose in Boland House after it escaped its owner last Friday.

The snake in question is said to be a milk-snake and approximately 30cm long.

Sources close to Roar! tell us that the snake escaped its owner after visiting one of the residences located on the third floor of Boland House, owned by the King’s College London.

Guy’s Campus is no stranger to animals escaping as it houses many animals that are tested upon as part of its scientific research.

College estates have spent the weekend attempting to locate the milk-snake to no avail.

Commonly kept as pets in the UK, Milk-Snakes are most active at dawn and dusk, meaning they’ll sleep during the day and come out when the lights are out.

Milk-snakes belong to a sub-species of snake known as colubrid and are non-venomous. So don’t worry about the snakebite.

KCL were not available to comment at the time of writing.

If you see the snake slithering around Boland House call King’s Security on 0207 848 6666 .

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