Rogue’s 5 step guide to the perfect shave


The average man will shave a total of 20,000 times in his lifetime. But for many, this daily act is fraught with razor burn, irritation and soreness. Thankfully, Rogue is on hand to guide you to the perfect shave! We’ll show you how to take this everyday chore and turn it into your own mini morning spa, to ensure your skin is left looking its best.

Step 1:

Allow at least ten minutes from waking up to shaving; your skin is puffy in the morning so giving it time to settle will help you avoid those annoying nicks and cuts.

Step 2:

Cleanse your face thoroughly with a face wash and warm water (not hot, so as to avoid irritation). Ideally shaving in the shower or bath will help open up your follicles and soften the hairs, but if you don’t have the time, a hot flannel will also produce a similar result.

Step 3:

Lather. I’d recommend investing in a good shaving brush – not only will it help you achieve a wonderful, even, creamy lather but it will also help lift your hairs in preparation for shaving and exfoliate dead skin cells at the same time. (If you are looking for an even closer and smoother shave, try applying shaving oil before you lather.)

Step 4:

Now we move on to the actual shave. The number one rule is to always start by shaving with the grain (you can go against it afterwards if you are still looking for a closer shave). Try to make your strokes slow and short, roughly 2 cm, and let the blades do the work – no reason to press too hard. Leave the lip till last so the shaving cream has longer to soften the bristles, as this is where your hair is thickest. If you shave every day you’ll want to be replacing your blades every one to two weeks. 

Step 5:

Be wary of what aftershave you use, as many have a high alcohol content that will simply dry out your skin, increase irritation and accelerate the skin’s ageing process. Be sure to use a post shave balm that will moisturise and gently soothe. If you find an area is particularly irritated post-shave, try rubbing over the area with an ice cube to help relieve the irritation. Finally, if you do happen to have a slip up, reach for a trusty concealer to quickly mask any nicks or razor burn you might have.

There you have it, Rogue’s 5-step guide to shaving bliss. Let us know in the comments section down below what your favourite shaving products are, and if you have any hints or tips you’d like to share with our readers!

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