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Taylor Swift Brings Billions to US, reporters call it Swift-Economy

Image by Ronald Woan

Staff Writer Anoushka Singh analyses Taylor Swift’s rise to money, fame and stardom commenting on her now global impact.

Taylor Swift recently went on her all-too-well tour called ‘The Eras Tour’ in 2023. Having only covered just USA yet, Swift has proven her worth with the massive boost in the US economy.

Her fans, widely known as ‘Swifties’ traveled from all around the world to see their favourite Barbie coded popstar. With 44 sold-out shows in the US alone, and over 151 across 5 continents, Swift is swimming in green at the moment.

Just from personal earnings, Swift has made over $4.6 billion (according to INC) with the assumption that the artist keeps 85% shares of her tour’s revenue. From the ticket prices averaging from $468 up to even $3,801, the demand for her massive tour keeps increasing. Being awarded as the ‘Person of the Year 2023’ by Time Magazine, the 34-year-old singer keeps on shining like the star on top of a Christmas tree.

It is clear that she wants to keep everyone entertained given the massive budget used for the tour. From her most gorgeous dresses (no pun intended) to the hottest dance routines, its clear she is determined to keep all eyes on her. The artist even went as far as to reveal her intense workout routine to prepare for the 3 hour long shows she vows to perform unless forced to do otherwise.

On top of her stardom, Swift decided to release the Eras Tour Film, which became the highest grossing movie of all time with a $123 million opening weekend . It was the first concert movie to remain in the top spot at the US Box Office in the first two weeks. The unconventionally distributed release of the film caught the critics off-guard as the singer decided to strike a deal with AMC Theatres and Cinemark Theatres after negotiations with the major film studios failed. The decision opened up room for a major media discourse since she chose to bypass dealing with the studio companies and to directly sell the film to the theatres. Miss Americana indeed proved her worth through this bold move as the success of the film speaks for itself.

Miss Swift strives to create a magical aura surrounding her tour as she stands strong to perform even in the rain and wild thunderstorms. She seems more than focused on showcasing her dedication to her tour and giving the fans an experience worth their money.

With massive donations to charities like Arizona Food Bank Network, Philbundance and Seattle Food Lifeline, Swift intends on keeping her side of the street clean by giving back to the people of every city she conquers.

Of course, she also brings extra revenue to herself and her team with the consistent release of her re-recorded albums to claim them as her own after feud with Scooter Braun, or as she likes to call them: the ‘Taylor’s Version’ albums. She intends to leave her mark on the world in every aspect and her reputation in the US thrives alongside, especially in terms of monetary value. No wonder The Washington Post called it ‘The Economy (Taylor’s Version )’.

Fans are expecting an even bigger blow-up since she is yet to tour in Europe in 2024 with over 54 shows that are already sold out. This larger-than-life like image she has crafted for herself has been accentuated by the concert invitations she has sent  to top artists like Sabrina Carpenter, Paramore and Girl In Red.

Her whirl is so magnetic that even the world class universities like Harvard, Berkley and NYU are offering Taylor Swift courses in their syllabuses. The University of Florida (UF) will also be offering a course on the pop star next semester, named ‘Musical storytelling with Taylor Swift and other iconic female artists’. Professor Stephanie Burt from Harvard explains “She’s one of the great songwriters of our time, she’s figured out how to write songs with broad appeal which not all great songwriters do, and she’s learned to use those extraordinary gifts alongside other gifts and privileges of image management and fan interaction, from her early and skilful use of MySpace to her current megatour” to Dazed Magazine.

And just like that, with approximately $93 million revenue per show, including travel, hotels, outfits and food, Taylor Swift has brought over a $5.7 billion boost to USA’s economy. According to The Washington Post, that’s enough money to give $440 to each person in Swift’s home state of Pennsylvania. Or almost enough to send every American a $20 bill.

And hence, the Northeastern Global News gave her economic impact the legendary title of ‘Swiftonomics’ or ‘Taylornomics’. Seems like the future is looking gloriously radiant for Miss Swift.



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