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MUN Success: King’s Delegates End the Year With 23 Awards

A group of students at MUN.
KCLUNA won "Best Middle-Sized Delegation" at LIMUN 2023. Photo courtesy of KCLUNA

The KCL United Nations Association (KCLUNA) closes MUN season with 23 awards, 8 delegations and over 100 members, ending the year as one of the strongest UN societies in the country.

As the days are growing longer, exam period is slowly fading away and the summer is drawing nearer, KCLUNA is looking back at a stellar year of MUNs, awards and a lot of fun!

Model United Nations (MUN) is an opportunity for young people to simulate the UN  decision-making process and, at the same time, develop strong debating skills and in-depth knowledge. Delegates are divided into committees and everyone has a chance to contribute with new and fresh ideas on important worldwide issues like international security, global health, education and climate change. 

MUN Conferences 

Throughout the year, KCLUNA sent delegations to eight international MUNs, among which included some of the biggest conferences worldwide, such as London International MUN and Harvard World MUN, held in Paris this March. The society managed to award students a total of almost £1000 in supporting scholarships. Future plans include an even more extensive scholarship program and participation in overseas conferences. 

King’s delegates in turn came back from those conferences with 23 awards in total. Perhaps most notably, KCL was awarded “Best Middle-Sized Delegation” at London International MUN, with more than 1500 delegates taking part in it.

But what makes students so passionate about spending hours debating international issues? 

“I find these topics so fascinating and getting a chance to learn more about them in a way that is fun and engaging is such a special opportunity”, says Social Sciences student AJ Oppenheimer. Apart from gaining in-depth knowledge about countries all over the world, many students report their vastly improved public speaking skills and confidence. Iris Salemi, who studies International Relations (IR), points to arguably the biggest advantage of all: “I also love hearing about the diversity of experiences and background people have. I learn so much from people that are different from me”.

King’s LIMUN 2023 delegation. Photo courtesy of KCLUNA

Term-Time Meetings

When they are not organising University of London MUN or representing King’s in grand opening and closing ceremonies, the KCLUNA committee makes sure that the society remains very active. Chiara Lea, Training Officer and now Co-President, and other members of the committee have hosted 14 weekly MUN training sessions this year where students perfected their debating skills. Each had its unique topic – from “trade of illegal weapons” to “breakfast preferences”.

“The training sessions prepare you for conferences and allow you to develop confidence so that when you do participate you don’t feel lost. This means at conferences you can jump into MUN with people you’ve met from King’s and easily strike up conversations with other universities”, acknowledges European Politics student Isabel Jones. The weekly meetings have attracted a number of exchange students as well – “I met incredible people I hope I will get to keep as friends”, says War Studies exchange student Armande.

Students overwhelmingly enjoy the role-play that is involved in defending the interests of a country usually very different from their own. That is one of the key aspects that the KCLUNA puts a special focus on – mutual respect, diplomacy and, of course, having fun.

AJ shares: “I had never done MUN before so KCLUNA is my entire MUN experience. The trainings they provided me and the conferences they have taken me to have formed the basis for my success and engagement with the MUN world.

“I would not be the person I am today without this year of MUN experience and KCLUNA is what I have to thank for that”.

Participating in MUNs often broadens students’ perspectives of what is possible. “MUN opened my eyes to the field of IR and diplomacy and gave me a platform to simulate the practitioner’s experience — something most other fields rarely get”, shares Sean Woon, who has already chaired MUN committees of over 200 people. 

“It’s my dream to work in the UN”, says Isabel. A lot of the active participants in MUN see themselves pursuing a career in the field of diplomacy and UN institutions. But whether they are studying International Relations or Physics, everyone enjoys robust debate and the company of other fascinating competent young people.

Unsurprisingly, everyone Roar spoke to said they would definitely participate in MUN again. So if you care about the future of the UN and you think that it might be your cup of tea, look out for the KCLUNA next year!



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