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Kornit Fashion Week brings sustainable fashion to London

Julia Clancey runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

Roar writer Diya Nadeem covers Kornit Fashion Week London 2022, a fashion exhibition from Kornit Digital dedicated to demolishing the harm brought on by fast fashion. 

From May 15 to 17, the famously innovative Kornit Fashion Week exhibited a range of shows in London for the first time. After previously holding shows in Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles, Kornit Digital expanded its sustainable fashion concept into London with renowned fashion designers such as Julia Clancey, Manish Arora, and House of Jaffa.

Kornit Fashion Week began as a result of a desire to create a sustainable means of fast fashion. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter after the oil industry due to the waste that fast fashion’s rapid production brings about.

Manish Arora runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

Manish Arora started Kornit Fashion Week with a new range of eccentric and colourful designs. Known for his vibrant, multi-coloured designs, Arora filled the runway with glimmering fabric and intricate embroidery. The distinctive headpieces and accessories completed his unique looks.

The designer Aharon Genish pulled inspiration from his childhood, particularly the Ultra-Orthodox lifestyle he grew up in. Through his work, he rebels against the silencing of individuals that can occur in the Ultra-Orthodox sector and boldly says: “You shall not be silenced.”

AHARON GENISH runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

His line displayed a range of items in a wide variety of stunning colours. Genish’s simple, yet stylish, works are varied in texture, rather than colour, with ruffles and multiple layers shaping the garments. Ribbons are prevalent throughout all of his work, as could be seen in his newest line. Symbols representing purity and innocence can also be seen in Genish’s work, making the traumatic context of his inspiration clear.

House of Jaffa, named after the city in Tel Aviv, attempts to “explore being Queer in the Middle East”. The renowned designers, Golan Frydman and Eddie Gavriilidis, known for working with celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Madonna and alongside notable designers such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford, came together to create a genderless and sex-positive clothing line.

House of Jaffa runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

The dewy makeup looks on the models along with the ethnic carpets and palm trees transported the historic halls of the Freemason Hall into the scorching Middle East. The vibrant blues and oranges of the clothes lit up the runway.

Julia Clancey closed Kornit Fashion Week with an extravagant show that was met with a standing ovation from the sizable crowd. With its VIPs and celebrities, including Emma Thompson and Amber Le Bon, every second of the show grabbed the crowd’s attention, as you could tell from their endless cheers.

Julia Clancey runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

This show began with a short introduction from Ronen Samuel, CEO of Kornit Digital, before the crowd became mesmerized by a gospel-like choir performing an opening song. It continued in segments, with models dancing and roller skating across the runway. All of the items on display were bold and vibrant, with a range of different styles being shown off. Following Julia Clancey’s closing show, there was a lively after-party with drinks provided by Ciroc.

Julia Clancey runway. Photo by Haydon Perrior.

Kornit Fashion Week provided insight into a new, sustainable form of fast fashion. Through this event, Kornit Digital aimed to influence London – one of the main fashion capitals in the world – to decrease the waste and pollution created in production.


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