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Social app is launched by King’s student

King’s student Theodor Pocovnicu has launched the app BeBolt, which uses AI to tailor your night out to your preferences.

“These days we are faced with a ‘choice overload’ as we have access to way too much info so I thought I would develop something tailored for my own self rather than having to ask Google what to do in London,” Pocovnicu, one of the founders of Bebolt and a first-year Electronic and Information Engineering student at King’s, said.

The app aims to connect people with similar interests and bring them together in  locations that suit their personality.

“Because we have so many options we often end up overwhelmed and prefer to do nothing at all,” Pocovnicu said. BeBolt generates only one result per search to circumvent the tyranny of choice and provide users with the opportunity to go somewhere unexpected, for example to “Enjoy the Mediterranean vibe and try a Sassy Bergamotto at Boundary London”.

Theodor Pocovnicu

Pocovnicu has been working on the app for almost two years: “I felt that school didn’t allow me to express myself so I decided I wanted to do something that helped me escape the ordinary.” Developing the app has filled him with a kind of “energy that allowed him to strive for more and disconnect himself from our monotonous existence” Pocovnicu said.

Pocovnicu also told of future updates they are planning for BeBolt. They will soon add a new feature, Interactive mode, that allows users to find other people who choose to go to the same place during a particular time. And it will give you suggestions for restaurants, films, museums etc.



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