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Thank you, Charlotte

The media groups of King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) would like to thank the Vice President of Student Media and Engagement, Charlotte Richardson, for the work she has done this year. With the assistance of Student Media Coordinator, Matt Capon, Charlotte has transformed the three main media groups into hubs of high quality content with much improved facilities and a vision for the future. She has also ensured that student media will have lobbying power on student council next year, as she tabled a successful motion for our forum chair to have voting rights.

We also set our sights to the year ahead, with Anthony Shaw, who was elected the new role of Vice President for Representation and Communication in March. We look forward to working with Anthony to keep up the momentum KCLSU student media has created this year.

Ben Jackson, Editor of Roar! Newspaper: Last year, Roar! was in decline. It had no coherent infrastructure, no technical facilities, no creative direction and our workspace was Dickensian at best. As VPSME and our Editor-in-Chief, Charlotte led the initiative to renovate the office and fought behind closed doors all year long for better facilities and financial benefits. This year, Charlotte has always been on hand to help Roar! editors in need of help and advice. The newspaper has a tendency to get into trouble. During the Lord Carey campaign and other issues this year, Charlotte’s support has been unwavering. Further, she ensured that the relevant editors got the training required in libel and defamation. From my experience, the difference between this year and the previous one is immense. Thanks to Charlotte’s work, Roar! has a brand new Mac, access to state of the art equipment in the media library and an exciting plan for a new workspace in the future, which will form a lasting legacy. This is the year that a sleeping giant called KCLSU Student Media woke up, thanks to Charlotte’s dedication and long-term vision.

Paige Rushbrook, Station Manager at KCL Radio: When King’s university term started in September, KCL Radio faced numerous problems. The main problems being a lack of hand-over, a lot of equipment stolen and we had no website (so all shows made could not be heard as they couldn’t be uploaded to a website). We also had our sponsor, Lloyds Bank, let us down by not paying the agreed £1000, which we had battled very hard for – so all of us on the KCL Radio Committee felt quite down at times as we really struggled with the website and equipment but Charlotte kept us optimistic and we finally made it through and now have a fab new website and logo.

Charlotte knew we needed help with funding and she battled hard to do this. When I came into my role with little hand-over, Charlotte was there for me and we worked very hard together to get through the numerous problems KCL Radio faced, her help was very much appreciated! I don’t think KCL Radio would be at the stage it is now without Charlotte’s help and support. Additionally, thanks to Charlotte, KCL Radio have worked alongside Roar! Newspaper and King’s TV this year, which I hope to see carried forward next year as I felt this was beneficial for all. Fortunately, with Charlotte helping drive this co-operation, student media groups at KCLSU finally made a name for themselves at King’s and I feel this will only keep on growing thanks to Charlotte building this base. Thanks to Charlotte’s work KCL Radio has a new microphone, access to state of the art equipment in the student media library and we have even been able to send four of KCL Radio’s Committee to this year’s Student Radio Conference which was extremely beneficial, as we were able to relay all the important information and training back to the rest of the committee. I hope this all proves how extremely grateful I am to Charlotte for her help and hard work this year. We have been able to make KCL Radio go live (which was my main aim!) despite all the obstacles thrown at us, and this will only keep developing as a daily schedule is being planned for next year so I would like to thank Charlotte very much for all her hard work!

Vieri Capretta, Station Manager at King’s TV: Charlotte, one year ago King’s College did not have a Student TV station. Now we have an award winning one. Alongside an organised Roar! and a functional KCL Radio, this is an achievement that shows all the great job you’ve done this year.

You will be able to look back at your time as VPSME and know that you contributed strongly to the formation and establishment of KCLSU’s first TV station.

King’s TV owes you a lot; you helped when needed and never failed to support us.

Many, many thanks.


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