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New designs for the Waterfront released [Pictures]

By Ben Jackson and Samuel Spencer —

KCLSU is re-designing Waterfront and it needs your views. Two contractors with a history of working with students’ unions have submitted designs on the back of a detailed brief informed by student feedback.

Key elements of the brief were: ‘Modern vibrant with an eclectic mixture of furniture – soft furnishings with low level coffee tables to create relaxing and chilling areas, tables suitable for dining.

The space  should be flexible so that the students can mix and match for larger groups, poser tables or the equivalent to allow for vertical drinking at nighttime when the Waterfront could become a full-blown night time space, create social spaces, dance floor and performing space and make the most of Waterfront’s amazing view!’

The biggest difference between the proposed designs and the current layout is adaptability and flexibility. Both designs feature movable chairs and tables where the current furniture is fixed, allowing for a more social environment. Also new is a dancefloor area in the centre of the space, enabling more of a pub/club atmosphere. Reports of this being an answer to the closure of Tutu’s remain unconfirmed.

The first proposal introduces a chequerboard black and white diamond floor, with a mismatch of purple, red and orange seating, surrounded by booths bringing to mind restaurants such as The Diner chain.

The second proposal goes for similar seating, with a classic wooden floor. Both share the same colour scheme, a dramatic departure from the browns and beiges of the current space.

Both options feature a modern light feature above a dancefloor area.

Got views on the proposed changes to Waterfront? Send your feedback to [email protected]  by 17th May.


Above: Scheme 1, featuring chessboard floor.


Above: Scheme 1’s dancefloor area.


Above: Scheme 1’s window lounging area.


Above: A close-up of the window space on scheme 1.


Above: Scheme 2, with classic wooden floor and comfy red sofas.


Above: Scheme 2’s views across the Thames.


Above: The attractive light feature above the dancefloor space in both schemes.


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