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Interview: model who travelled the world – Rebecca Chandler

Currently a French and Business undergraduate at Kings, Rebecca Chandler has also led a life of travel and luxury fashion, modelling for the great Alexander McQueen in one of her first shows whilst also representing MAC cosmetics It all started on a school trip – of all places! At sixteen, Rebecca was taken to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham with her class mates. Once there, she was spotted by a representative of Models1, the agency that later signed her up.

Rebecca decided to take a gap year to pursue her modelling career and moved by herself to Milan, where  she was introduced to  the real world of modelling:

‘Milan is so strict about your measurements in comparison to London. When I was there I had to lose a lot of weight and be measured nearly everyday. At my current size I would be considered a fat model in Milan!’

Let’s just say that on hearing this whilst sitting next to Rebecca, one would immediately regret indulging in that piece of chocolate cake with lunch!

Rebecca admits that leading the life of a model can be glamorous but also very hard; ‘you have no control over your body, your finances, and generally your life’.

She had to travel to several castings a day, deal with the odd pervy photographer and the ‘bitchy’ PRs surrounding the shoots – as according to Rebecca the models aren’t as brutal towards each other as ‘Top Model’ might have you believe…

But of course, there are perks… like travelling the world! Not only did Rebecca live in Milan, but she worked at the fashion weeks in each country as they succeeded each other and spent a couple of months in Hamburg, Sri Lanka and Sydney to name a few. One of her favourite travel moments was visiting an elephant orphanage whilst in Australia – jealous does not sufficiently describe our feelings here at Roar!

With the fee increase, however, Rebecca (like all us second years) thought it better apply to university to save some serious cash. Rebecca still models part-time, but is also currently a partner in setting up ‘The Model Hideout’, a space for models to hang out and get advice. The British Council set up a suite at the Mayfair hotel during London Fashion Week, but there is nowhere permanent for models to get information and advice about things such as nutrition, or generally anywhere to relax with other models whilst waiting around for castings. This project is under development, but looks to be a great success.

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By Sophie Hutchings


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