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Top five student clubs in London

You’re a student. You want to drink. You want to have fun. You just want to go mental really. A lot. Here are some of the best places to do just that… but in a nice, dignified fashion now. Remember, we are not hooligans, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS!

  1. The Roxy

Not going to lie, if you are a music expert and actually have, well, TASTE, then this place is probably not for you. BUT if you are looking for a good time with your friends and want to be surrounded by other students with a similar attitude then The Roxy is the place to be. The cheap entry fee, along with the drink prices that don’t make your jaw drop in horror make this a great spot to let loose from essay stress. And for the new-to-London freshers, the close proximity to Tottenham Court Road tube makes it an easy go to place for your first nights of debauchery in the big city- there’s no danger of wandering through the cobbled streets of London trying desperately to find a bus stop. Everything is right here.

  1. Los Locos

Within easy walking distance from The Roxy, Los Locos provides you with equally, if not cheaper drinks and entry. The main student night is on a Wednesday and the music is equally cheesy but brilliant. In a slightly more upmarket area of town, students can imagine they are not as poor and hobo-ish as they seem and can really enjoy living it up in a big way.

  1. KCLSU, Tutus

Tutus is widely accessible for everyone, with the infamous Truffle Shuffle 80’s themed nights and student friendly prices, it really is a hot spot for people who just want to let loose. Again, the music is cheesy and the floor is sometimes unusually sticky, but you can’t beat the atmosphere of the place and the central location is an added bonus.

  1. KOKO

Located on Camden High Street, in terms of the size and the look of this spot, it’s unbeatable. Once a theatre, the ridiculously high ceilings and stage make it into a highly visited and favoured spot not just for students, but people of all ages. An excellent place to go on a night out, if not just to lay eyes on the inside of the venue itself.

  1. Zoo Bar

Now, there are some places to avoid in Leicester Square on a night out. I won’t name any names but any London student will know where to stay clear of. Zoo Bar is different; with the quirky designs inside and the actually GOOD music this place actually gives Leicester Square a good name. It’s the best of both worlds, exuding an ‘exclusive’ vibe but still having plenty of student friendly prices.


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