A definitive guide to Walkabout style

Walkabout style

Surviving the Walkabout

WHEN I think mid-week dance floor frenzy, I think Walkabout. When I think come-as-you-are  fashion, I think Walkabout.

Walkabout is THE bar/club where all the fun happens on Wednesday night, where all King’s students and sports clubs unite and dance the night away. It’s also where you don’t have to wear a fancy dress and high heels, or a suit.

However, many will agree with me that you still have to be at your best to impress your fellow King’s students. Here are some top tips that I have learnt about Walkabout fashion.

Tip one: Flat shoes

Wear flats, comfy shoes, or shoes you don’t overly care about and that you can wash the day after. Yes, people will walk over you while dancing. Yes, you’ll get beer/jagger bombs/any sort of alcohol on your shoes. Yes, you’ll walk a thousand miles trying to find your friend in the crowd. Converses are always a good option for that matter!

Tip two: Keep warm

Wear a coat; you’ll leave it at the (free) coatroom anyway but it can save you from freezing to death while waiting in the queue to enter/smoking outside/waiting for your taxi at the end of the night. London nights can get very very cold! Leather jackets are a basic in that case. Also, bring a small bag or clutch with a strap preferably, unless you have big pockets.

 Tip three: Keep it cute

Feeling fancy? Crop tops are always a good choice for girls. Prefer them in cotton, easily washable and more comfortable to wear. Dresses are also to keep in mind; paired with your comfy shoes you’ll have the right amount of fanciness.

And for the lads: shirts and ties, that’s what Walkabout is all about on Wednesday night.

Tip four: Comfort is key

T-Shirts are fine, as long as you feel comfortable and are ready to throw it in the air when the Bay Watch soundtrack come on (that will inevitably come on at some point in the night), you can wear pretty much anything. Trending this season: quote shirts. They attract the attention, new friends, current friends (you’re then easily recognizable) and future preys.


Of course these are not mandatory, be brave, create your own style and you’ll be the queen, or king, of Walkabout Wednesday !


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