Stratford One evacuated due to ‘suspicious’ item on premises

Stratford One

Former King’s Residence Stratford One was evacuated after the Police found a “suspicious” item inside the residence at 2:36 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Police were accompanied on-site by emergency services including the London Ambulance Service and Fire Brigade. The road was cordoned off and traffic was diverted as authorities investigated the issue.

All residents were told to remain outside the accommodation for at least 4 hours before any threat was ruled out. The Metropolitan Police have since issued a statement on Twitter and have stood down.

Roar spoke to Stratford One of the accommodation to hear their side. Julia Bak recollected: “The evacuation was normal, but we were just really confused as to what had happened. Some of us had to evacuate mid-shower, and it was really cold outside. We weren’t properly dressed or ready for such a situation”.

Upon enquiring what the object was, she speculated: “We don’t exactly know what the item was. But, someone in the accommodation said that it was a film student’s prop that looked like a bomb, but I don’t know if that’s true”.

Official information from Unite Students came in the form of a text message confirming that students may re-enter the premises.

Official information from Unite Students was received by students in the form of a text message.

Roar will continue to report on this story as the situation develops.

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