KCL Societies Getting Students Through Quarantine

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All around the world, countries and populations are undergoing a lot of changes. For most of us, it means staying indoors and experiencing life differently to what we’re used to. This has driven many KCL societies to change their approach when engaging with their communities: from online voting to online events, our societies and non-affiliated unofficial communities have been attempting to make quarantine more bearable.

Below is an ever-growing list of these attempts. We want to thank you for your contribution, and call for any additions to this list, whenever you come across something worth mentioning! (Roar News does not endorse these communities/societies via their mere mention – it is entirely up to individual discretion whether to join these communities or not.)

1. King’s Pollege London:

King’s Pollege London is a dedicated Facebook group for pollers from all students at Guy’s Campus, Strand Campus, and yes, even Waterloo Campus (…if anyone actually goes there). The group was created by Anoushay Okhai, a second-year War Studies and History student. She started it because “a lot more people are seeking ways to connect with the students they used to see every day, and find some escape from the stress of quarantine. I’m extremely glad to help with a project that helps with this.” The community at KPL engages in discussing topics about King’s, using polls and gathering data about almost anything. The space is open for all University of London students, and is a closed group!
Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingspollegelondon/

2. Doggos of KCL:

Doggos of KCL (@kcldoggos) is an Instagram account that celebrates your pooches, and showcases them for every student at King’s! If you’re at home, this is a perfect opportunity to whip out your camera and conduct a photoshoot for your dog. However, if you’re still in London, this might be the time for you to go through old pictures of your pet and reminisce about the good times, looking forward to seeing them as soon as possible. According to the page’s owner, they’re all for spreading “pawsitivity” – so go ahead and look through those adorable pictures, and make your day filled with cute animals!
Link: https://www.instagram.com/kcldoggos

3. Virtual events by KCL Indian Political Society:

Even before the pandemic started, KCL Indian Political Society’s Instagram had been a crucial point of contact for Indian students at King’s College London. They have produced condensed stories with information on Prime Minister’s addresses, and since the pandemic started, they have discussed various approaches on Instagram live and successfully conducted their first-ever virtual panel discussion on Zoom. With one successful event out of the way, Rhea Kher, the President of KCL Indian Political Society, expresses that the society still feels as though the politics behind the pandemic need to be discussed in a more open manner. The society continues to explore topics related to COVID-19 and India’s response to it.
Link: https://www.instagram.com/indianpolsoc

4. Virtual comedy workshops by KCL Comedy Society:

KCL Comedy Society has introduced brand-new virtual workshops, after hosting several of them during the academic year. Not to let the pandemic get in the way of having a laugh, the society has taken to Discord to conduct comedy workshops for society and non-society members alike. Every Thursday at 6 PM BST, the team offers to write and help come up with ideas for stand-up or sketch routines. They run like the usual workshops, and are free for anyone to join – whether you have your own material or not!
Link: https://discord.gg/9nn7vtb

5. KCL Indo-Pak Development Forum’s blog:

KCL Indo-Pak Development Forum recently unveiled their new blog, Bar-E-Saghier Ki Baatein, aimed at providing a space for discussion over culture, history and politics of the two subcontinental countries. Currently, they are accepting all sorts of art, stories, poems, political pieces or essays related to the discussion and dialogue between the Indian and Pakistani population at and beyond King’s. Katyayni Jha, the President of KCL IPDF society, explains that they didn’t want to halt its operations, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. She says that the aim of the platform is to have continued discussions and stay connected with the community, stressing that anyone is free to contribute to the blog!
Link: https://baresaghirkibatein.wordpress.com

Feel free to contact Roar News for any other initiatives such as these put up by KCL societies!

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