Maughan Evacuated After Reports of Fire


The Maughan Library was evacuated this afternoon after a suspected fire.

Students were evacuated from the Maughan Library by ‘Evacuation Marshals’

At approximately 3.00 this afternoon, sirens began to sound across the library, informing students and staff that a fire had been reported in the building.

Students were then advised to leave their belongings behind and evacuate the building via the nearest stairwell.

However, some students were reporting conflicted messages.

“I was on the second floor of the library studying when the alarms went off,” said Melis, a 3rd year undergraduate, “The overhead speaker voice said to stay where we were and await further instructions. So I was surprised when I went into the corridor and there were flashing lights and a message telling everyone to evacuate.”

Ushered out of the Maughan by fire marshals, students congregated on the other side of Chancery Lane, adjacent to the library. The largest crowd of people was seen outside the popular pub, The Knights Templar, which served as a vantage point for the goings on in the library across the road.

It was only a mere 15 minutes later when students were permitted to return to the building.

A fire marshal was, at the time, unable to respond to a request for details concerning the reports of fire, except to tell Roar that it was not a scheduled drill.

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