KCL Fashion Soc celebrates self-expression at charity fashion show


On March 18th, KCL Fashion Society held its very first charity fashion show Genesis at Student Central. A total of eleven designers and twenty-eight models created a vibrant night showcasing out-of-the-box collections.

Fashion Society President Monica Sawhney opened the show with an explanation of the name Genesis, stating the purpose was to give a platform of self-expression to the next generation’s creatives and icons. As Genesis ‘is defined as being the beginning or origin of something’ it was the perfect title to a show featuring up-and-coming designers.

All runway models were chosen by the designers within a pool of King’s students in order to address the problem of diversity within the fashion industry. Although some of the models on the catwalk had the quintessential ‘model body’, students of colour and varying body types were also included in the mix.

Whilst the show began with a rocky start with the first designer Josephine Lantieri not being able to attend last-minute, causing some audience confusion. The event continued without no further disruptions.

One particularly notable collection was that of Sabren Amin, a British-Egyptian fashion design student at Middlesex University. Her collection ‘Sahara’ sported breathtaking kaftans inspired by Moroccan traditional wear.

Designer Anna Cernohorska also found inspiration in a foreign country, creating her own brand Sakura London Label inspired by traditional Japanese kimonos.

Many of the collections served to address current events. Second-year King’s student Jojo Philips presented tote bags displaying social activism slogans aimed at ‘inclusivity, empowerment, and intersectionality’. Student-led charity SolidariTee showcased t-shirts fundraising to aid the refugee crisis.

Veronica Sampinato’s collection ‘MAMMA SONNO PRONTO’ was truly creative. Sampinato’s collection was inspired by the phenomenon of adult men paying huge amounts of money to live a day like babies. Her unique vision of juxtaposing business fashion with baby wear received the best reaction from the audience.

Other designers to attend the fashion show are Mirablea Ceola, Vladimir Ignatyev, Talia Jacob, Demi Mae Yip, and Paige Stinson.

All fees collected at the fashion show was donated to Smart Works a charity organisation that provides interview and styling service for women seeking employment.

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