Live blog: KCLSU Freshers’ Fair



It’s been wonderful to see so many of you over the last two days. Almost ten thousand of you came to see us! We look forward to getting in touch with those who have signed up. Expect a lovely student media email shortly! Roar! out!



KCL Conservative Society has just been contacted by Channel 4, inviting them to a live debate at 7pm on the effect of Ukip on Tory party poll rankings. Thrilling!



We’re starting the clean up! Last entry was eight minutes ago so the place is gradually getting more quiet.



Our friends at KingsTV have produced a terrific video of day two at Freshers’ Fair! You can watch it here:



It’s coming up to half past three and we’ve nearly run out of copies of Roar! – we’re thrilled to see such engagement with student media from this year’s freshers intake.



Online politics editor, Nida Ali, is autographing copies of Roar! for unsuspecting freshers. I’m sure it’s appreciated!



Lots of women are recognising our news editor Ben Wilson… “Oh my god, I know him. I don’t know why?!” He clearly gets around.



Some awesome break dancing is HAPPENING on the ground floor of the hall! A crowd is gathering…



Copies of the first issue of the new Roar! are going fast – come and get them while they’re hot!



Roar! is here! Hot off the press. Come and get it!



Speaking of free food, make sure you try your luck on the Nando’s wheel of fortune for your chance to win some free sweet sweet Peri Peri chicken. Lower floor, look for the red telephone box and you’ll see it.



Our online news editor, Ben Wilson, just entered the Domino’s Pizza raffle to win his height in pizza! It’s a shame he’s not that tall, really…



The Labour Society are giving out free doughnuts! They’re proving very, very popular. Note to self: get doughnuts.



We’re hearing reports that there is NO queue to enter the fair right now! So, come on down for awesome freebies like a KCLA mug, a highlighter and stuff like that.



The atmosphere today is immense, great to see so many bright and enthusiastic students who love what they do!



There were 5,040 freshers at the Freshers’ Fair yesterday! We think that’s a record! KCLSU VP Representation and Communication, Anthony Shaw, says, “I think I just joined the Navy”.



Science editor and keen fencer Durr-e Maknoon Tariq is here at the Roar! stall, talking to you and collecting your email addresses! Doesn’t she look great.



The famous Ana Diamond and her colleague are at the KCL Business Club stall with LOTS of free goodies! Pay them a visit!



Classics Society look ready for a battle… A close resemblance to Hercules, anyone?



Our first sign-up of the day is Emily Horner! Congratulations, Emily!




*Tired noises* … *hungover* …



Our Music Editor Joe pretty much summing up everyone’s feelings by this late point in the day. Even the £1.50 coffee from the upstairs cafeteria isn’t keeping us on our feet.


Some students have taken to sleeping in the ball pool! Good shout. Credit: Sebastiaan Debrouwere.



“The only difference between comedy and tragedy is timing” – Wise words from Ben Wilson, online news editor.



We’re disappointed with the notable lack of freebies this year, KCLSU sort it out! You can still get your mugs from KCL Alumni though. Happy days!



Our editor is suffering from a blocked ear, medical assistance may be needed if the problem continues.



Debate Mate are recruiting talented King’s students! The educational charity that helps teach schoolchildren to debate. Change lives –



One of the best quotes of the day so far, a fresher told our Deputy Editor Megan Hector “You look so mystical…” as Megan beckoned her over. Mystic Meg lives on. More often found proofreading than casting spells, though.



VP Representation and Communications, Anthony Shaw, says “If you’re reading this, why are you not at freshers’ fair?!” Good question, Anthony. Good question.



Who wants to go for a swim?



Things are really picking up at the student media section, especially here at Roar! Make sure you keep coming to see us! We’re having so much fun and want to share it with all of you.



A comfortable looking Reece Warren (Conservative Society’s biggest nightmare – not really, he’s a nice guy actually) visits the Roar! stall! Vote Ukip! (If you’re into that)



Fists up! KCL Boxing Society are ready for a fight! They don’t look too hard to me…



KCL People’s Assembly Against Austerity member, Michael Di Benedetto, is promoting the demo to save the NHS later this month in Manchester. So, swing by the KCLPAAA stall and have a chat with this fine young Italian!



We’re hearing reports that the Principal, Rick Trainor, isn’t available for Freshers’ Fair because of his daughter’s graduation. Miss you, Rick!



So it has only just gone half 11 and we have already signed our first three members to the new Roar! society. Onwards and upwards from here! Keep coming and join our little Roar! family, aww.



KCL Conservative Society appear to be having a lot of fun! Credit: Henrique Laitenberger.



Freshers are slowly trickling down through the hall! Remember to enter from the upper floor. And we’ll see you just to the left before you leave!



Vanessa, our online Science editor, is here to talk to you about Roar! and the opportunities we offer! Don’t be shy, come and say hi!




The Barbican Centre Exhibition Hall 2 is abuzz with staff and society members doing last minute prep for their stalls. Make sure you come before all the freebies are gone! And to all freshers who were at Walkabout last night – I feel you.

KCLSU’s Freshers’ Fair gives you the opportunity to learn what societies and student media groups are on offer during your time at King’s. You’ll also be able to sign up to your favourite groups and even bag a few freebies! We’ll be there from 10am on Thursday live blogging the event and talking to you about what we do. See you then!

Barbican Centre Exhibition Hall 2, Golden Lane, London, EC1Y 8DL
Thursday 19 September, 11-6 (last entry 5)
Friday 20 September, 10-5 (last entry 4)
Nearest Tube station is Barbican, on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines

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